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World Lacrosse Coaching, Athlete, And Sport Development Videos: Learn From The Best

World Lacrosse’s development division, in conjunction with some of the best minds of the sport, present a series of coaching, athlete, and sport development videos. Shot during LAXCON in Philadelphia, Pa., USA, in January [...]

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Officiating Contacts

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Officiating Documents


Men’s Field Lacrosse Referee’s Manual
Men’s Field Lacrosse Minor Officials’ Handbook
Referees’ Fitness Testing Protocol

Preparation for Testing Materials

Sample Referee Certification Exam
Answer Grid for Sample Exam
Sample Exam Answers


Men’s Indoor Lacrosse Referee’s Manual – 2015


2019 Women’s U19 World Championship

FIL Officials Roles and Responsibilities – 03/2018
FIL Officiating Conflict of Interest Form – 03/2018

Assessment Materials

FIL 2017 Game Sheets
Assessment Form for On-Field Officials – July 2017
Assessors Notepad – July 2017
Post Event Accreditation Letter – July 2017

Policies & Protocols

Women’s Emeritus Award Policy
Fitness Test Protocols – 02/2018
International Accreditation Policy – 01/2018
Off Field Officials Policy – 01/2018
World Event Selection Policy – 01/2018


Women’s Officials Manual – 06/2017