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Legislative Process

Below are the ordered steps that lay out the process for legislation to be approved by the General Assembly. This includes amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Policies.


Up until 90 days before GA

World Lacrosse members and the Board of Directors draft proposed legislation.


90 days before GA

All legislation must be submitted to the Secretary General/Finance and Governance Director for consideration no later than 90 days before the GA.

Initial Review

Up until 60 days before GAe GA

All submitted legislation (not including rules) is reviewed by the Governance Committee and membership feedback is sought. Rules follow a similar timeline without the involvement of the Governance Committee.


60 days before GA

Final proposed legislation changes must be circulated to the Board and WL Members.

Consensus Building

Prior to the GA vote

All stakeholders, including those who authored the legislation changes, seek to build consensus for or against proposals in the 60 days before the GA.


Voting at the GA

Approval of properly noticed (at least 60 days in advance) legislation changes for Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Policies require at least two-thirds of votes cast. All others require simple majority.

Voting if legislation not properly noticed

Voting after the GA

If legislation was not properly noticed at least 60 days in advance for the GA but discussed and agreed to at the GA, it may pass via postal or electronic ballot following the GA.

GA Postal/ Electronic Votes


For GA matters that require a post GA vote, responses are due 30 days after the request – one third of eligible voters must vote and two thirds of those must vote for to pass.

GA Postal/ Electronic Votes

60 days after GA

Meeting minutes, financial reports and any other reports shall be circulated to all members within 60 days after the meeting.