Sport Manager: Education and Certification

Do you have a passion for lacrosse?  Are you interested in helping to develop athletes, coaches, and officials globally?  World Lacrosse is seeking qualified candidates for the role of Sport Manager: Education and Certification. This role works within the Sport Department of World Lacrosse to design, implement, and effectively manage education, training, and certification programs for athletes, coaches, and officials.

The full job description is available here for review.

To Apply: Interested persons should send a cover letter, CV, and a brief summary of their experiences in designing and implementing educational programs to TJ Buchanan, Director of Sport ( for consideration of their candidacy.  The deadline for submissions is February 10, 2023.

Location: Fully Remote – As the international federation for the sport of lacrosse and with a presence in over 80 countries, this World Lacrosse position can be located as desired and agreed between the successful candidate and World Lacrosse.

World Lacrosse (WL) endorses diversity, supports equal rights, and does not advocate, support or practice discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religious/non-religious beliefs, age, nationality, national origin, language, gender, trans status, sexual or romantic orientation, family status, including marriage or pregnancy status, education, socio-economic status or differences in ability including neurodiversity, whether covered by applicable legislation or not, except where affirmative action may be required to redress individual or social handicaps of people from disadvantaged groups.