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Women’s Field

Women’s field lacrosse is an outdoor sport played with ten players on each team. It follows a distinct set of rules established for international women’s lacrosse.

The game takes place on a standard field measuring 110 yards (100 m) in length from each endline and 60 yards (55 m) in width from the sidelines. Players employ long-handled sticks with mesh pockets to catch, carry, and pass a small rubber ball. Unlike men’s field lacrosse, women’s lacrosse prohibits body checking.

In women’s field lacrosse, players must abide by certain regulations. Players are required to wear protective equipment, including a mouthguard and eyewear. Moreover, specific rules govern aspects such as checking, shooting, and penalty enforcement. Stick checking, where players attempt to dislodge the ball from an opponent’s stick, is allowed only on the head and gloved hands. Play is started at the beginning of each period and after each goal with a ‘draw.’

Women’s field lacrosse showcases the athleticism, agility, and finesse of its participants, offering an engaging experience for both players and spectators.