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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Lacrosse’s DNA is diverse, with Native American origins and the women’s International Federation being formalized prior to the men’s. Stemming from the belief that every person has the ability – and the fundamental human right – to participate in lacrosse, World Lacrosse is committed to being a leader among global sports organizations in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion.

World Lacrosse Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
(adopted in 2021)

World Lacrosse is committed to the belief that our world must be inclusive in its diversity, visionary in its approach to equal opportunities in sports participation for all and pioneering in seeking equitable outcomes for all our stakeholders. Through our engagement in the sport of lacrosse internationally and regionally, we must be the voice of diversity, equity and inclusion for our athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers all over the world. We accomplish this by engaging in a robust and broad dialogue with our National and Continental Federations, committees and key organizations, and in acting as a role model for diversity, opportunity and inclusion for our members.

World Lacrosse’s Gender Equality and Diversity Policy, and Anti-Discrimination Policy can both be found in the WL Handbook.

Gender Equity

Striving Toward a Fair Society

Haudenosaunee Inclusion

Striving Toward a Fair Society

Geographic Diversification

Striving Toward a Fair Society

North America
BIPOC Participation Growth

Striving Toward a Fair Society


Growth for non-white men’s and women’s athletes in NCAA lacrosse in the last decade.


Growth of diversity in NCAA lacrosse since 2012.


Number of current U.S.-based professional league MVPs who are Black.