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Sixes lacrosse is an innovative and dynamic discipline of the sport that showcases fast-paced, action-packed, high-scoring game play. It features six players on each team, creating an exciting and intense experience for both athletes and spectators.

The sixes lacrosse discipline was developed as a tool to support and accelerate the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. It is a complementary offering to the traditional field and box versions of the sport.

In addition to supporting growth, sixes:

  • Provides greater access to lacrosse by eliminating barriers to entry (i.e., cost, team size, field size) 
  • Appeals to the next generation of athletes and fans, featuring high-speed, short-form, adrenaline-filled action
  • Creates greater competitive balance internationally by bringing more nations within reach of the podium at major international events 
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of staging lacrosse games and events 

The format has gained significant popularity globally, with leagues and tournaments encouraging development for players of all ages and skill levels. Sixes lacrosse was featured for both men and women in The World Games 2022, and the discipline is at the center of lacrosse’s Olympic vision.

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Sixes Brand and Communications

Information and tools to support organizations using and applying the Sixes brand

Sixes Resources

Technical materials designed to support coaches, players, and officials as they take the field

Sixes Courses

Introductory courses for players, coaches, and officials who are planning to the Sixes discipline