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Sixes is an incredibly fast-paced, compact version of lacrosse, combining the most exciting elements of the more traditional disciplines. It is characterized by an accelerated, open style of play with quick transitions and non-stop, high-scoring action.

It was created in 2018 to accelerate global growth, increase accessibility and approachability, create greater competitive balance, and reduce cost and complexity of participation and event staging. It is the next generation version of the game.

A natural evolution of the sport, sixes is at the intersection of field and box lacrosse, offering an inclusionary opportunity to all existing lacrosse players and an easier entry point for new athletes.  

Sixes eliminates specialty positions that lead to competitive imbalance, features a level of physicality that is equally appealing to both men and women, and has reduced equipment and venue needs.

The discipline gained immediate and significant popularity globally, with leagues and events taking place at all levels. Sixes was featured for both men and women in The World Games 2022, and the discipline is at the center of lacrosse’s Olympic vision. The inaugural World Lacrosse Sixes Championships (men and women) will take place in 2026.

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