(Swiss Lacrosse) We are proud of our first Indoor Lacrosse team; these 18 guys having earned a spot on the roster! Congratulations to you all and good luck at the FIL 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Syracuse 18-27 September 2015!


D – Anneheim, Matias – Olten
T – Brunner, Patrick – Zurich
D – Glover, Jesse – Herzogenbuchsee
D/T – Haller, Michael – Wettingen
T – Heri, Lukas – Solothurn
F – Hirt, Rolf – Bern
G – Meier, Alex – Chur
F – Räber, Nicolai – Zurich
T – Schoch, Ian – Zurich
T – Schreiber, Ben – Olten
G – Schreiber, Dan – Olten
T/F – Schreiber, Joni – Olten
F – Sponagel, Philipp – Zurich
F – Stutz, Felix – Zurich
D/T – Trösch, Attila – Zurich
D/T – Von Jackowski, Mario – Basel
T – Zurkirchen, Luis – Zurich
D – Zweifel, Stefan – Zurich
T – Bernard, Carlo – (Alt) Zurich

—Emanuel Moser | from Swiss Lacrosse Website News

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