COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, USA – World Lacrosse today announced the roster of officials for the 2023 World Lacrosse Men’s Championship, set to begin on June 21 in San Diego, California, USA.  

Fifty-one officials representing 14 nations and three Continental Federations will form the team of officials for the event. They were selected in consultation with National and Continental federations based on the officials’ quality and past performance at previous World Lacrosse events and events held within their federations. 

Don Blacklock, World Lacrosse board technical director, said: “Officials represent the largest team taking part in this world championship, and we aim to select the absolute best officials from the nomination pool to ensure that athletes have a first-class experience.” 

The process of soliciting nominations from World Lacrosse members began in October 2022. Members with officiating programs provided a ranked list of experienced international officials and a second list of talent-identified officials, who do not yet have international experience. Overall, 96 officials were nominated. 

To ensure consistent high performance by the large and geographically diverse team, the on-field officials will be supported by nine coaches, who will educate, mentor, evaluate and assess their performance.  

Leading up to the event, the selected individuals will continue to officiate in their home countries, attend online workshops, undergo fitness testing and take rules exams ensuring that they are best prepared for the championship. 

Leadership Team 

Referee in Chief 

Mark Polden, Australia 

Deputy RICs  

Philip Pearson, England
Jasper van der Horst, Netherlands
Bill Hollins, New Zealand 

World Lacrosse Technical Director

Don Blacklock, New Zealand 

Officiating Administrator 

Graham Blyth, England 


Ian McRae, Australia
Jason Lawrence, Australia
Adam Crowe,  Canada
Lawrence Zdrill, Canada
Ian Ashworth, England
Greg Irwin, England
Kentaro Shimizu, Japan
Spike Decker, United States
Bill Devine, United States 


Scott Hill, Argentina
Shane Abbott, Australia
Bradley Edwards, Australia
Steve Green, Australia
Tim Kennedy, Australia
Kim Panton, Australia
Danny Whitbourn, Australia
Alexandre Joos de ter Beerst, Belgium
Jan Van Cauwenberge, Belgium
Nico Beaudoin, Canada
Lee Brien, Canada
Darren Cassidy, Canada
Mike Drake, Canada
Cam McCulloch, Canada
Nathaniel Morrow, Canada
Ryan Nose, Canada
Dale Wilson, Canada
Mark Buckley, England
Peter Davidson, England
Thomas Hamey, England
James Hawksworth, England
Michael Leahy, England
Dean Mohareb, England
Alexander Frey, Germany
Jakob Großehagenbrock, Germany
Ryan Wallace, Germany
Barbara Zelenay, Germany
Jeff George, Haudenosaunee
Jian (Jamie) Chan, Hong Kong, China
Chi Fung (Dennis) Cheng, Hong Kong, China
Chi Shing (Edwin) Leung, Hong Kong, China
Hirofumi Hayashi, Japan
Kazuhiko Inagaki, Japan
Kota Ito, Japan
Yusuke Kondo, Japan
Wonki Park, Korea
Adrian Marcinkowski, Netherlands
Sven Keizer, Norway
Rob Powell, Scotland
Eric Campbell, United States
Matt Davis, United States
Dan Dlugozima, United States
Bill Doherty, United States
Keith Glock, United States
Rob Gross, United States
Patrick Hil, United States
Jay McCracken, United States
Tyler Mikolajewski, United States
Charlie Obermayer, United States
Matt Radabaugh, United States
Nick Schmitt, United States