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(ISTANBUL, TURKEY) Turkey Lacrosse (Turkiye Lakros) will be competing at the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships this coming September in Syracuse, NY USA. This is another history-making event for our program. Turkey is the first predominately Muslim nation to play lacrosse and the first to play at the international level when it competed at the 2014 FIL World Field Lacrosse Championships last July in Denver (finishing 22nd). Now, we are heading to the World Indoors.

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Please meet Turkey’s indoor lacrosse coaching staff:

David Almy — Head Coach

Turkiye Lakros Hires David Almy as First Ever National Box Lacrosse Head Coach

First Ever National Box Lacrosse Head Coach Hired

David Almy, Head Coach

(Turkey Lacrosse Association) Turkiye Lakros is proud to announce David Almy as its first-ever Head Coach for the national indoor/box lakros team who will be competing at the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships being held in Upstate New York this 18-27 September2015. This will be Turkiye’s first appearance at the World Indoors in its five-year history.

Coach Almy has been selected by the Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) to head the coaching staff and national team in this historic achievement for the program. Coach Almy brings his great leadership and commitment to growing the game of lacrosse to the Turkiye national indoor team.

David started his playing career when he was 12 years old in Massachusetts and played two years varsity at Governor’s Academy (Byfield, MA USA) and went on to DIII Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY USA). While at Vassar College, Coach Almy played all four years and achieved All-League honorable mention in his Junior year and All-League as a senior.

He has 10 years coaching experience in field lacrosse and seven years experience coaching box. He co-founded one of the first US-based youth box lacrosse clubs- Sonomarin Northmen (San Francisco, CA USA). Coached 3 gold medal winning teams in the Bay area’s premier box lacrosse tournament, Bay Area Super Series (San Francisco, CA USA). Coached multiple different age groups of American box lacrosse teams in Canadian tournaments, including two second-place finishes at the Calgary Canada Day lacrosse tournament (Calgary, Canada).

When asked about coaching the first ever Turkiye national box lakros team, he stated, “First and foremost it is an honor to be asked to help coach the Turkish team. I feel it is the right thing to do to help grow the game in new areas. It’s especially meaningful given this will be the first Muslim team ever to compete at the World Indoors.”

Turkey competed for the first time at the 2014 FIL World Field Lacrosse Championships in July 2014 in Denver, CO USA placing 22nd in the world and having the 5th ranked defense along with multiple players placing in the top 3, 5, 10, 20 in individual stats. Turkiye is also the first ever Muslim nation to play in the World Field Championships.

“With extensive experience in both field and box lacrosse, I know the obstacles field lacrosse players have to make the transition to box lacrosse, ” Almy went further to say, ” That experience will be key in helping the field experienced Turkish players adapt quickly as possible to the box game.”

“We are truly excited to have Coach Almy on our coaching staff leading the charge for our national box team,” Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director, Turkey Lacrosse Association stated. ” His drive and long-standing commitment to grow the game is what we are looking for on and off the field.”

Off the field, Coach Almy is a partner and co-founder at ADC Partners, a firm specializing in strategic solutions for corporate sponsors and sports businesses. He also developed the Goalie IQ app for lacrosse goalies that analyzes their play and performance.

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Mike Lantier — Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach

Latnier Accepts Defensive Coaching Position for Turkey Box Lacrosse National Team

Mike Latnier Becomes Assistant Coach and Defensive Coordinator for Turkish National Box Lacrosse Team

Mike Lantier, Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach

(Turkey Lacrosse Association) Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) is thrilled to announce Mike Latnier as Assistant Coach and Defensive Coordinator for their first ever national box lacrosse team competing in the 2015 FIL World Indoor Championships in Syracuse, New York, USA 18-27 September 2015.

Mike Lantier, 43, brings over a decade of coaching experience and 25 years of playing experience to the Turkish National Box team. A former Division III player at Ohio Wesleyan and Washington College, Lantier began coaching after his collegiate career was ended abruptly in 1993 after a knee injury.

Lacrosse has been in the Lantier family for generations. His father played at the US Naval Academy, and is a three-time All-American selection, Captain of the 1965 Championship Team and USNA Hall of Fame member. His brother Brian also played at the USNA.

Coming home to California for knee surgeries, Lantier transitioned from player to coach, beginning with local high school and youth programs. Lantier saw an opportunity in a fledgling box lacrosse program in the Cali*Lax All-Stars, created by former NLL star and Offensive Coordinator for Turkish Box National Team, Shaydon Santos.

“Box lacrosse is the future and collegiate players need to know that any college coach today sees the value in how box has shaped the field game to this point,” says Lantier.

Co-founding the local Sonomarin Northmen box lacrosse program (San Francisco, CA USA) in 2008, Lantier and partner Dave Almy (Turkish National Box Lacrosse Team Head Coach) also coach the Cali*Lax All-Stars (California, USA) who compete in international play against 13 teams in the United States Box Lacrosse Association or USBOXLA. Lantier has coached Cali*Lax All-Stars teams to Gold Medal finishes in the prestigious Canada Day Lacrosse Tournament in Calgary (BC, Canada).

“I’m most excited about working with the Turkish players to get them skilled in box style play and tactics. It’ll elevate their games, which in turn will improve the players around them after the tournament is over. Growing this game is all our responsibility and I’m really pleased to be able to play a role in that.” Say Coach Latnier

The Turkish National Box lacrosse Team coaching staff is very familiar with one another and has coached with each other for multiple years.

“The additions of Santos and Lantier to the coaching staff are an absolute coup for the Turks. These guys have an unbelievable amount of lacrosse experience between them. They’ve played and coached successfully at every level, and will be able to translate that success into developing a very competitive Turkish team. We’re unbelievably lucky to have them on board for the World Championships.” Says Coach Almy, Turkish national Box lacrosse Team Head Coach

“As an organization, we are very lucky to have a coaching staff that already coach with one another and knows each other coaching styles and philosophies intimately,” says Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director of the Turkey Lacrosse Association. “Coach Latnier’s vast lacrosse history and family roots in the game will only bring greatness to our program and national team. This is another historic first in our short program’s history and Coach Latnier and the rest of the coaching staff will no doubt lead us to many victories at the World Indoors and back home,” Dougherty continues.

Turkey Lacrosse National Field Team finished 22nd in its first ever appearance at the 2014 FIL World Field Lacrosse Championships in Denver, CO USA last July.

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Shaydon Santos — Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach

USBOXLA President Joins Turkiye Box Lakros Team Coaching Staff

Shaydon Santos Joins Team Turkiye Box Lakros Team Coaching Staff

Shaydon Santos, Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Coach

(Turkey Lacrosse Association) Turkey Lacrosse Association is proud to announce Shaydon Santos as Assistant Coach and Offensive Coordinator for Team Turkiye’s first ever box lakros national team competing at the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships this September 18-27 2015 in Upstate New York.

Santos brings over 30 years of top box lakros knowledge and experience as a player and coach to Team Turkiye’s coaching staff. Shaydon is a 12-year NLL veteran, an NLL coach, Canadian National Team member and World Champion with the NLL’s Rochester Knighthawks. He captained the NLL’s San Jose Stealth and the WLA’s Witby Warriors Jr A team; a team that continually produces some of the top offensive players in NCAA D1.

Coach Santos started his playing career at age 4 in the Whitby minor system. During his stellar professional career he played with the Whitby Warriors (Whitby, ON Canada), Coquitlam Adanacs (Coquitlam, ON Canada), Brooklin Redmen (Whitby, ON Canada), Brampton Excelsiors (Bramption, ON Canada) along with the NLL’s Rochester Knighthawks (Rochester, NY USA), Buffalo Bandits (Buffalo, NY USA) and the San Jose Stealth (San Jose, CA USA).

Santos serves as the president of the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA). He has taught the game of lacrosse to over 10,000 Bay Area Students as program director and head coach of the CALI*LAX ALL STARS (California USA). Santos is the national program director and head coach for Team USBOXLA’s midget and HS Elite programs.

He has led his teams to many achievements over the years including eight gold medals, seven silver medals, five bronze medals at the Calgary Canada Day Tournament (Calgary, BC Canada) in various different age groups.

“This addition to our staff goes beyond words,“ says Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director of the Turkey lacrosse Association, “Coach Santos is an instrumental force driving the indoor game’s growth in the US with USBOXLA and we are excited to parlay his knowledge and experience not only with our national team but to our national program here in Turkey. His Lacrosse IQ is second to none and our team will surely benefit,” Dougherty continued.

“I’m excited and honored to be asked to coach the first predominately Muslim nation to play indoor lacrosse and attend the World Indoors,” said Santos. “We’ve built USBOXLA into a 5k strong youth Box program in the USA with clubs all over the country teaching predominantly field players how to be successful in box lacrosse. Our youth USBOXLA players can now compete with Canada’s best and as an organization we’ve brought over 1,000 American youth players to Canadian box tournaments. Turkiye will face the same challenges our youth players face, they are field players so we’ll use the same development strategy; give these players the tools to compete in a game that will be completely foreign to most on this team. Over the course of the year leading up to Worlds — and the World Indoors itself — we want these players to move from field lacrosse play to box lacrosse play. I know for developing lacrosse countries like Turkiye, the teams that can be most disciplined and move away from field skills and habits are the ones that will be successful.”

Turkiye national box lakros Head Coach, David Almy and Coach Santos have a long history together. They have coach with and against one another over the years and have worked alongside each other growing the box lacrosse game in California as one of the elite regions for youth box lacrosse in the country.

“I am thrilled to have Santos on board with our mission to grow the game of box lacrosse in Turkey and bring this nation to its first ever World Indoors,” said Coach Almy. “Santos and I are very familiar with each other’s coaching styles and we complement one another well that will certainly translate into Turkey being a success.”

The Turkey Lacrosse program competed at the 2014 FIL World Field Lacrosse Championships placing 22nd in its first ever appearance and is hoping to transition that success to the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships this September.

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Frank Menschner — Goalie Coach

Turkiye Lakros Hires David Almy as First Ever National Box Lacrosse Head Coach

First Ever National Box Lacrosse Head Coach Hired

Frank Menschner, Goalie Coach

(Turkey Lacrosse Association) The Turkey Lacrosse Association signs on Frank Menschner as its first ever national indoor team Goalie Coach. Turkey will be competing for the first time in the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships this September in Syracuse, New York USA.

Frank started playing indoor lacrosse in 1973 and has played for various pro and semi-pro clubs throughout his continuous 42-year career. Throughout his long standing goalie playing career, Frank has won numerous championships and medals. In 1980, he won a bronze medal with the USA’s national indoor team at the World Box Lacrosse Championships in Vancouver, BC Canada and also won bronze at the 2007 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Menschner is the captain of the PBLA (Philadelphia Box Lacrosse Association, Philadelphia, PA USA) ALL Stars for 28 years running, playing against teams in multiple different US States and countries including the Onondaga and Oneida Nations.

In 1987, Frank began his coaching career with the PBLA ALL Stars and also co-founded the PBLA over 29 years ago. The PBLA is the oldest standing men’s indoor lacrosse league in the United States. Some of Menschner’s coaching highlights include the 2008-2010 US Indoor Developmental teams along with various semi-pro and pro indoor lacrosse clubs within the US. He is currently a coach and manager for the Guardians National Goalie Combine (USA), South Jersey Boys Box Lacrosse League Goalie coach (New Jersey USA) and Goalie coach for USA’s Under-19 National Indoor team competing this September 11-13 at the World Lacrosse Challenge hosted by Six Nations, Haudenosaunee in Canada. Frank is also the advisor to the CEO for the United States Lacrosse League (USLL).

“I accepted the position because I know the staff and a few of the players and thought I would be a good fit. I’ve worked with the US Team on numerous occasions, but now I think it’s time to give back and help other countries. I love to see more countries learn the sport, and nothing make me happier than to help do that! Growing the game!” says Menschner. “My goals are to get the goalies mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming WILC’s and to make this a very competitive team and to eventually get to the medal rounds in the near future. We will be no pushovers!” Frank continued.

“The addition of Frank to our staff to prepare our goalies uplifts our already brilliant coach crew. He is Mr. US Indoor lacrosse,” said Patrick Dougherty, Executive Director, Turkey Lacrosse Association. “Coach Menschner now brings his tremendous knowledge as a player and coach to our program and will surely make an immediate impact for the further development of indoor lacrosse in Turkey. I am beyond happy having him on our team,” Dougherty concluded.

“I know that not only I but the entire coaching crew are eagerly awaiting the WILC and now that we have such a brilliant mind helping our goalies only makes our team stronger,” says David Almy, National Head Coach for Turkey’s Indoor Lacrosse Team. “When you think of US Indoor lacrosse, Frank is usually at the top of the list of influencers and mavericks for the game here and now we have his experience with expanding the game in Turkey.”

The 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships will be Turkey’s first appearance. In the 2014 FIL World Field Lacrosse Championships in Denver CO USA last July, Turkey finished 22nd and 5th ranked defense statistically amongst all competitors.

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Patrick Dougherty

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About Turkey Lacrosse Association

Turkey Lacrosse Association (TLA) is founded to bring Lacrosse to Turkey. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the world and is considered “the fastest game on two feet” and is played by both men and women. TLA is responsible for the development, education and all leagues and teams within Turkey playing Lacrosse while keeping the purity of the game as was intended by the originators of the sport, the North American Indians.

Sportsmanship – Teamwork – Strength – Character – Discipline – Dedication

Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America and one of the oldest games in the world and we here at TLA are glad to bring this game steeped in tradition to this wonderful historic country, The Republic of Turkey!

We are sustained by the efforts of volunteers who display an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that Lacrosse is a growing and thriving sport for all to enjoy. We also strive to provide a service to our community by providing a healthy outlet for children and opportunities for the community to unite.