(ISRAEL LACROSSE) The Israel men’s national indoor team will hold its’ final selection and training camp in April in conjunction with the 2015 European Box Invitational at LCC Radotín near Prague, Czech Republic.

The eight-team event, held from April 17-20, is primarily designed for national teams which are preparing for the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship. Teams participating in the event will play one full 60-minute (4×15), stoppage time, FIL regulation match per day, to best replicate the experience of participating in the World Championships.

Game Schedule

Friday, April 17th

5:00 PM – Germany (Deutschland Adler) vs. Czech Republic “White”
8:00 PM – Ireland Developmental vs. Czech Republic “Red”

Saturday, April 18th

2:00 PM – Switzerland vs. Germany (Deutschland Adler)
5:00 PM – Finland vs. Czech Republic “Red”
8:00 PM – Israel vs. Ireland Developmental

Sunday, April 19th

11:00 AM – Switzerland vs Ireland Developmental
2:00 PM – Finland vs. Germany (Deutschland Adler)
5:00 PM – Israel vs. Czech Republic “Red”

Monday, April 20th

9:00 AM – Israel vs. Finland
12:00 PM – Switzerland vs. European All-Stars

The blue-and-white, who previously fell 16-6 to CLA Select in a one-off exhibition in Oakville, Ontario, in October, will see their first extensive international action as a national indoor program in the event.

Czech Republic “Red”, Israel’s Sunday opponent, is the favorite to sweep through the competition at the Invitational. The indoor (box) game is dominant in Czech Republic, and the “Red” squad will feature the Czechs’ stronger players, compared to the “White” squad of mostly developmental athletes. It will be the first meeting between Israel and Czech Republic internationally in any format, although Czech club Jižní Město defeated Tel Aviv LC, 4-2, in a first-round playoff game at the 2014 Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Tournament. Czech Republic is currently the FIL 4th-ranked nation in indoor lacrosse competition.

Although Ireland’s National Indoor Developmental program, which is competing under the banner of the Emerald Islanders, will be competing without several of their top players, such as NLL stars Stephen Keogh and Andrew McBride who are currently in-season, the Irish are expected to bring many athletes with strong box experience as they prepare for WILC2015. Israel and Ireland are familiar foes in the field game, meeting three times in the last three years, with Israel holding a 2-1 edge (two friendlies and one meeting at the 2014 World Championships). Ireland is currently the FIL 7th-ranked nation in indoor lacrosse competition.

Finland, like Israel, has never previously competed at the world indoor level and will be making their debut this year.

The Invitational is being held as a prelude to the 22nd Annual Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Tournament, in which Israel will be represented by Tel Aviv LC for the third consecutive year from April 22-25. Both the European Invitational and the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial will be utilized for national team evaluation and training purposes ahead of WILC2015.

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