Czech Republic brings experience to WILC2015

(WILC2015.COM) The Czech Republic, who are ranked fourth in FIL World Indoor competition, are by far the most experienced European team attending WILC2015. On the backs of primarily homegrown talent from the longest running European domestic league, the Czechs have climbed the indoor rankings since their seventh-place debut in 2007, taking down Team England in 2011 to establish their place as an indoor powerhouse.

Jim Veltman, Czech Republic Head Coach

NLL Hall of Famer Jim Veltman is back behind the Czech Republic bench for the third time. The CLax president and teacher by trade is a perfect fit for the Czech’s. With his lacrosse knowledge and ability to teach developing players.

The Czech’s will get a good look at the new and upcoming countries when they see action against Ireland, Finland and Israel in the Euro Box Invitational 17-20 April 2015.

Look to see them go with a more of a youth movement as they built momentum towards WILC, with players like Dominic Pesek, Matej Barak, Tomáš Procházka and Jakub Výmola spending the last couple of summers playing Jr lacrosse in Canada.

The Czech Republic has arguably the best homegrown European goaltending duo in Tomas Cekal and Dominic Sika. The pair will be a strong point for the Czech defense.

In front of the goaltenders could be their weak point once they start playing teams with an organized offence. Martin Hodan, Emil Moravec and Ladislav Kopfstein will need to go above and beyond if the Czechs want to be back in a medal game, and this weekend will be telling to see if this area will be a strength or a weakness.

The offence is their strong point, as one of the few European teams where scoring won’t be the biggest challenge. Virtually all of the Czech Republic players have grown up as indoor players first, so they’re accustomed to the smaller nets of the box game. Pavel Dosly, Radek Skala and Pesek can all score at will.

The biggest advantage for Czech Republic players is their ability to practice as a complete unit on a regular basis, as the Czech league has all but two teams located in Prague.

Roster for Euro Box Invitational


Dominik Sika (LCC Radotín)
Jakub Mareš (LCC Wolves)
Tomáš Čekal (SK Jižní Město)
Tomáš Pelikán (TJ Malešice)


Martin Hodaň (LCC Radotín)
Jakub Výmola (LCC Radotín)
Miroslav Polách (LCC Radotín)
Martin Mrlík (TJ Malešice)
Ladislav Kopfstein (TJ Malešice)
Adam Kostka (LC ForFun)
Emil Moravec (LCC Radotín)
Michal Hužvar (TJ Malešice)


Pavel Došlý (SK Jižní Město)
Martin Šrůta (LC ForFun)
Tomáš Žipaj (LC ForFun)
Jindřich Plecitý (TJ Malešice)
Kamil Trhlík (TJ Malešice)
Ondřej Šedivec (Old Dogs Plzeň)
Marek Kytka (SK Jižní Město)


Radek Skála (LCC Radotín)
Dominik Pešek (LCC Radotín)
Petr Poupě (LCC Radotín)
Tomáš Beran (TJ Malešice)
Jiří Košťál (LCC Radotín)
Jáchym Plecháček (SK Jižní Město)
Tomáš Procházka (LCC Radotín)
Jan Skokan (LC Pardubice)


Jim Veltman, Roman Pokorný, Pavel Semerák, Jiří Malina, Patrik Procházka

—Jamie Plunkett | Contributor to (republished with permission)

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