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We, the organisation AMA Guatemala, have started the sport of Lacrosse in Guatemala with the intention of promoting a physical and technical sports activity for children and teenagers who have limited resources and come from lower income backgrounds. In this manner we would like to combine positive and negative energy in a healthy way and put it to good use. Lacrosse is a sport which emphasises team work and sportsmanship in a group and not through the individual which teaches the children discipline and respect for their team mates. Our starting point was based on the needs of today’s youth in Guatemala and in doing this we have developed a programme which offers children and teenagers of low income households the possibility to experiment with and practice the sport lacrosse. The children experience sharing, playing, experimenting and enjoying themselves. The sport shows the children that not only the sport itself, but also learning, is important. The children and teenagers are then in a position to discuss and deal with the community in a healthy and upright (or honest) manner, which is why the Asociación Manos Amigas Guatemala (AMA Guatemala) is promoting Lacrosse.

Primary Contacts

Primary Rodrigo Pascual President