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Managing Anxiety in Sport


Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting game that can be stressful. Especially at a high-level, competition can elicit a variety of emotions and reactions from athletes, officials, and coaches alike. For many, anxiety can become a regular occurrence when they are participating in sport. While it affects everyone differently, most people have experienced anxiety in sport at some level during their life. In some cases, anxiety can negatively impact our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

World Lacrosse is committed to providing resources that help athletes, officials, and coaches to compete and perform at their best. This course is the first of three courses that will provide participants with a basic understanding of what anxiety is and how it impacts you. The second and third courses in this series will provide participants with a series of tools that will allow them to mitigate the negative impacts of anxiety.

This course will engage the following concepts:

  • What is anxiety
  • Anxiety within sport
  • What causes anxiety
  • Recognizing your anxiety

The materials found in this course were produced by Believe Perform, an industry leader in performance psychology. For more resources visit: https://believeperform.comWe hope that this course is helpful, please feel free to provide us with some feedback at the end of the course, this will allow us to work towards improving the content we provide.