March 25, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA – The life-changing story of the first women’s lacrosse team from the Continent of Africa to compete in a World Championship, as beautifully captured in the documentary Sleeping Warrior, is receiving a significant promotional boost from World Lacrosse, the international federation for women’s and men’s lacrosse.

Through a unique partnership with documentary producers Quarry Island Films and Sleeping Warrior Productions, World Lacrosse is today being introduced as the “Official Promotional Partner” of the documentary.  Through the partnership, World Lacrosse, Quarry Island Films and Sleeping Warrior Productions will work together in securing global distribution for a documentary that reaffirms the life-changing power of participation in lacrosse.

The announcement is being made today as part of World Lacrosse’s celebration of Women’s History Month.

In 2019, the Kenya Lacrosse Women’s U19 National Team became the first lacrosse team from the Continent of Africa to compete on the world stage, when it traveled to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for the 2019 World Lacrosse Women’s U19 World Championship.  The journey to Peterborough required courage, self-belief and vision, as the team overcame severe limitations in resources and training opportunities in order to fulfill its dream.

Once in Peterborough, under the direction of Head Coach Storm Tretham, the Kenya Lacrosse Women’s U19 National Team made history not only through its participation in the World Championship, but by recording its first-ever victory, 17-1 over Jamaica.  Kenya also played highly competitive games against Germany (one goal loss), Israel and China.  Throughout its time in Canada, the athletes were warmly embraced by competitors, fans and families in Peterborough and the surrounding communities.

The film is produced by accomplished documentarians Nina Ruiz and Janet Wells.  From getting their first passports, to discovering how their friends and families react, viewers will learn how the power of sport changes the lives of these young women and opens a door to new opportunity. There is heartbreak, joy and always the strength of spirit.  The title of the documentary comes from a mountain the girls train under in Kenya called ‘Sleeping Warrior.”

“Janet and I are delighted to have joined forces with World Lacrosse to take our film ’Sleeping Warrior’ to public release,” said Ruiz.  “We are proud and excited to work in collaboration and hope that this beautiful story about these remarkable young women will inspire other young people all over the world to realize their dreams. We are deeply humbled by the positive reaction to the trailer and cannot wait for you to see the full film. Asante Sana!”

“I never realized how sport could so dramatically change a person’s life until I became involved in ‘Sleeping Warrior’”, added Wells.  “What I thought was going to be a straightforward film about the first female African lacrosse team and their journey to the World Championship turned into something so much more. Powerful, talented young women who come from incredibly challenging situations and have very little chance at education were able to lift themselves beyond all expectation through lacrosse.  We are thrilled to be partnering with World Lacrosse to help bring this film to a global audience and we really hope you enjoy the journey.”

“It’s impossible to watch this documentary and not be inspired,” said World Lacrosse Chief Brand and Communications Officer Darryl Seibel.  “We are honored to partner with Quarry Island Films and Sleeping Warrior Productions in making certain this important film, which is beautifully produced, is available to global audiences.  In addition, we extend our thanks to Storm and everyone at Kenya Lacrosse who continue to work tirelessly in support of these remarkable athletes.”

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