September 16, 2020,

Colorado Springs, Colorado USA — World Lacrosse announced today the creation and seating of the Women’s Indoor/Box Lacrosse Working Group. The purpose of the Working Group is to investigate and develop a pathway for the development of Women’s Indoor/Box Lacrosse around the world at both the junior (U19/20) and senior levels in order to provide an opportunity for women to compete in the discipline and bring gender equality to WL events.

The World Lacrosse Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of the Women’s Indoor/Box Lacrosse (WIBL) Working Group, which will report to the Board via the Women in Sport Commission and act as an advisory body. The Women in Sport Commission is chaired by World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern.

The Working Group will undertake an initial survey of the WL membership to establish who is playing or has aspirations to play the discipline. Following the initial survey work it is expected the Working Group will request additional members so that all regions who are playing, or wish to play, are represented in the next steps of developing a pathway.

The Working Group is intentionally not, at this early stage, geographically representative, but rather intended to bring together a diversity of people involved with playing (or having played) or educating in the field of women’s indoor/box from Europe and North America to share experiences, excitement and hope.

The Chair of the Working Group is Michelle Bowyer, one of the most accomplished players in the history of Canadian Lacrosse. Beginning her playing career in box lacrosse, Bowyer won league, provincial and Canadian national championships while playing for Burnaby’s Kirby’s Klipettes from 1976-81. In 1981, Bowyer made the transition to field lacrosse and one year later was invited to compete for Team Canada in the first Women’s Field Lacrosse World Championship in Nottingham, England. She served as captain for Team Canada in three World Championships (1982, 1986 and 1989) before beginning a career in coaching. She was assistant coach for Team Canada at the World Championship in 1993 before being named head coach for the 1997 World Championship. Bowyer was recently inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Association Hall of Fame.

“While I truly enjoyed field lacrosse and the opportunities it provided, my first love has always been the box game and I’m looking forward to helping advance the development of this sport for girls and women throughout the world,” said Bowyer.

The initial membership of the World Lacrosse Women’s Indoor/Box Lacrosse Working Group is:

Chair: Michelle Bowyer

Athletes Commission Representative: Dana Dobbie (Canada) Athletes: Amber Hill (Haudenosaunee Nation), Tale Solfjeld (Norway) SHE-BOX Organizers: Brian Witmer and Frantisek Klima

WL Staff/Management Lead: Lindsay Impett (Director of Events)

Media Contact: Darryl Seibel

Phone: 719-374-5546


About World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse is the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, responsible for providing effective leadership and governance of the sport internationally while supporting the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. In November 2018, World Lacrosse was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The President of World Lacrosse is Sue Redfern of England.