Sean Gibson, World Lacrosse Athletes’ Commission chair and 17-year member of the Ireland National Lacrosse Team, has been confirmed as a candidate for the World Anti-Doping Agency’s new 20-member Athlete Council.  

Gibson is one of 34 candidates vying for eight elected seats on the WADA Athlete Council. The election will take place virtually among 61 International Federation Athletes’ Commissions from August 29-31. 

In addition to the eight elected members, the new WADA Athlete Council will also include five athletes appointed by the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee Athletes’ Commissions, and seven other athletes to be selected by an appointment panel to fill skills and diversity gaps. 

Gibson said: “This is a significant and exciting opportunity to further anti-doping education, improve outreach, and contribute to the continuous evolution of WADA’s programming and Code. I hope to have the chance to work alongside some of the best and brightest athletes in the world to help ensure the inaugural WADA Athlete Council gets off to the best start possible and that its contributions will positively impact sport for generations.” 

Gibson is the most-capped player in the history of Irish lacrosse, earning 92 caps over the last 17 years. He has competed in a multitude of international competitions, including seven world championships and five European championships in both the field and box disciplines.  

Having been appointed in 2018 as the first-ever chair of the World Lacrosse Athletes’ Commission, Gibson is responsible for representing the voice and perspective of athletes within the World Lacrosse governance structure, including as a member of its board of directors.  

Responsible for the development and operationalization of the WL AC’s strategic plan, Gibson has helped to increase the number of National and Continental Federation Athletes’ Commissions. He has also been active in raising awareness and educating athletes on critical topics, spanning health and welfare, competition integrity, diversity and inclusion, and ethics.  

Dana Dobbie, World Lacrosse Athletes’ Commission vice chair, said: “Sean serves as a positive role model and advocate for the athletes in our sport. His passion and insight, combined with strong leadership capabilities would make him an invaluable asset to the WADA Athlete Council.” 

Gibson has been involved with Ireland Lacrosse since 2004, and has been instrumental in furthering the growth of the sport throughout Europe, including by leading the effort to develop the first-ever European Box Lacrosse Championship. He has served as a member of the IL board of directors since 2011 and the European Lacrosse Federation board since 2017. 

Outside of lacrosse, Gibson is a skilled international leader, specializing in strategic planning, driving change and organizational transformation as an enterprise architect. 

Candidates for the WADA Athlete Council are required to have competed internationally within the last nine years and must be nominated by their IF Athletes’ Commissions. A full list of candidates can be found here.