January 29, 2020 

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA — World Lacrosse announced today the Administrative Team, Officials and Officiating Coaches for the 2020 World Lacrosse Men’s U19 World Championship, July 9-18 at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland.

Tom Sutton, Chair of Men’s Officiating for World Lacrosse.

The team of Administrators, Officials and Officiating Coaches features 51 representatives from 14 countries.

“We look forward to gathering this diverse team to provide quality officiating during the event. The process of preparing began several months ago and will continue through and beyond the Closing Ceremonies,” said Tom Sutton, Chair of Men’s Officiating for World Lacrosse.

The members and National Governing Bodies have partnered with World Lacrosse to assemble this talented list of individuals:

Administrative Team
Co-Referees in Chief
Dick Pepper (Ireland/USA)
Mark Polden (Australia)
Lindsay Scott (Australia)

Tim Kennedy (Australia)
Kim Panton (Australia)
Danny Whitbourn (Australia)
Shane Abbott (Australia)
Jan Van Cauwenberge (Belgium)
Ryan Nose (Canada)
Ryan Dutkus (Canada)
Bradley Gerrow (Canada)
Cam McCulloch (Canada)
Norm Macdonald (Canada)
Lee Brein (Canada)
Radek Kostal (Czech Republic)
Peter Davidson (England)
Andrew  Higginbottom (England)
Michael Leahy (England)
James  Hawksworth (England)
Alexander  Frey (Germany)
Christian Geschke (Germany)
Jakob Großehagenbrock (Germany)
Andreas Rossband (Germany)
Ryan Wallace (Germany)
Dennis Cheng (Hong Kong)
Edwin Leung (Hong Kong)
Jeff George (Iroquois)
Kazuhiko Inagaki (Japan)
Kota Ito (Japan)
Takayuki Kaneko (Japan)
Natsumi Sasaki (Japan)
Guido van der Lindeloof (Netherlands)
Adrian Marcinkowski (Netherlands)
Jorick Spitzen (Netherlands)
John Brockelbank (New Zealand)
Sven Keizer (Norway)
Grunde Otnes (Norway)
Rob Powell (Scotland)
Eric Campbell (USA)
Danny Dlugozima (USA)
Bill Doherty (USA)
Tim Genecco (USA)
Rick McCarrick (USA)
James Reilly (USA)
Nick Schmitt (USA)

Officiating Coaches
David Campbell (Australia)
Ian Wilson (Canada)
Kentaro Shimizu (Japan)
Dan Arnison (England)
Jasper van der Horst (Netherlands)
Spike Decker (USA)

Media Contact: Darryl Seibel

About World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse is the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, responsible for providing effective leadership and governance of the sport internationally while supporting the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. In November 2018, World Lacrosse was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The President of World Lacrosse is Sue Redfern of England.