June 4, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA – World Lacrosse, the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, announced today that it has formed its nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees and made appointments to each. The nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees are:

Education and Training Committee

Officiating Committee
Officiating Subcommittee – Women’s Lacrosse
Officiating Subcommittee – Men’s Lacrosse
Officiating Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse

Rules Committee
Rules Subcommittee – Women’s Lacrosse
Rules Subcommittee – Men’s Lacrosse
Rules Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse

Appointments to the nine Technical Committees and Subcommittees follow a comprehensive member-engagement and recruitment process. Committee and Subcommittee members, all of whom are volunteers with World Lacrosse, are beginning their work immediately to support the continued growth and development of lacrosse around the globe.

The Committee and Subcommittee members hail from 13 different countries.

Don Blacklock, World LacrosseTechnical Director and Board of Directors Member

“We have assembled a diverse group of technical experts from within our membership who are very engaged and committed to delivering a first-class participant experience for our players, officials, coaches and lacrosse fans,” said World Lacrosse Technical Director and Board of Directors member, Don Blacklock. Blacklock oversees the various Technical Committees on behalf of World Lacrosse.

“There is much work to be done, whether through developing and refining rules, developing officials or creating resources to support the officiating pathway. This is a great group people, with tremendous talent and experience, who will commit their personal time to support the continued growth of the game, and we thank them for the willingness to continue volunteering their time in support of our international federation and game.” added Blacklock.

Rob Gross, Chair of the Education and Training Committee: “The Education & Training Committee members are not only experienced officials, but they are educators and have significant experience in training and developing officials, as well. The Committee is ready for the challenge to deliver whatever is necessary to support officials worldwide and other areas of the organisation.”

Tom Sutton, Chair of Officiating Committee

Tom Sutton, Chair of the Officiating Committee: “The three officiating Subcommittee chairs have successfully filled their Subcommittees and are looking forward to getting to work on many initiatives. We will be hosting a virtual meeting soon to introduce all three Subcommittees and the plans for the near future. We have assembled a talented group of individuals that will lead us successfully into the future.”

Brent Nowicki, Chair of the Rules Committee: “On the rules side, we have assembled three diverse and experienced Subcommittees. The members will note that many of the representatives of the Subcommittees have experience across multiple disciplines of the game. This will help harmonize and shape the future of the game. We look forward to serving the lacrosse community.”

Educating and Training Committee
Rob Gross – Committee Chair (USA)
Seraphine Aelterman (Belgium)
Lindsay Brooks (Canada)
Ryan Griffiths (England)
Greg Hart (Canada)
Yusuke Kondo (Japan)
Ryan Wallace (Germany)

Officiating Committee
Tom Sutton – Committee Chair (USA)
Lauren Charwat (USA)
Mark Polden (Australia)
Tony Reid (Canada)

Officiating Subcommittee — Women’s Lacrosse
Lauren Charwat – Subcommittee Chair (USA)
Sachiko Gato (Japan)
Wendy Reynolds (England)
Rala Heinen (USA)
Ake Kriwall (Germany)

Officiating Subcommittee — Men’s Lacrosse
Mark Polden – Subcommittee Chair (Australia)
Dennis Mulroney (Australia)
Peter Davidson (England)
Jasper Van Der Horst (Netherlands)
Barbara Zelenay (Germany)
Kentaro Shimizu (Japan)
Ryan Dutkus (Canada)

Officiating Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse
Tony Reid – Subcommittee Chair (Canada)
John Szabo (Haudenosaunee)
Brent Coulombe (Canada)
Kevin Forrester (USA)
Michael Leahy (England)

Rules Committee
Brent Nowicki — Committee Chair (Switzerland)
Sachi Yamada (Japan)
Ian Ashworth (England)
Brent McCauley (Canada)

Rules Subcommittee — Women’s Lacrosse
Sachi Yamada – Subcommittee Chair (Japan)
Jane Lee (Korea)
Lauren Charwat (USA)
Paul Mollison (Australia)
Jordan Trautman (USA)
Lorna Powell (Scotland)

Rules Subcommittee – Men’s Lacrosse
Ian Ashworth — Subcommittee Chair (England)
Keith Nyberg (Australia)
Mark Polden (Australia)
Alex Russell (England)
Christian Geschke (Germany)

Rules Subcommittee – Indoor Lacrosse
Brent McCauley – Subcommittee Chair (Canada)
Sean Gibson (Ireland)
Tony Reid (Canada)
Jan Martin (Germany)
Lucas Heri (Switzerland)
Greg Downing (USA)

Media Contact: Darryl Seibel

About World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse is the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, responsible for providing effective leadership and governance of the sport internationally while supporting the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. In November 2018, World Lacrosse was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The President of World Lacrosse is Sue Redfern of England.