COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, USA – World Lacrosse is seeking nominations for three positions on its Athletes’ Commission. The first election of the AC will take place June 29 to July 4 during the preliminary round of the 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s Championship in Towson, Maryland, USA.

The 2022 election is the first for the AC; initial members were appointed following the commission’s establishment in 2018. Active or recently retired athletes who have represented their country in international women’s competition are eligible for the three positions to replace outgoing co-chair Dana Dobbie (CAN), as well as Jane Lee (KOR) and Sachio Yamada (AUS), whose terms end this year.

Sean Gibson, World Lacrosse Athletes’ Commission chair, said: “I want to thank each of the outgoing Athletes’ Commission members for their individual commitment, dedication and leadership. The sport is truly in a better place today and has made significant advancements due to their contributions.”

The six-member, gender balanced WL Athletes’ Commission is intended to provide representation at the highest levels of governance in lacrosse. This year’s election at the women’s championship will give the more than 500 participating athletes the opportunity to democratically elect candidates to the Athletes’ Commission. 

A new chair and co-chair will be elected by Athletes’ Commission members in November, with both positions serving on the 14-member World Lacrosse board of directors.

Information on the nomination and election process can be found here. All nominations must be received no later than June 14 to