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Iroquois Nationals Survive Late Surge to Claim Second Bronze Medal at 2018 FIL Men’s World Championship



NETANYA, ISRAEL – The Iroquois Nationals staved off a late comeback attempt from Australia at the 2018 FIL Men’s World Championship, 14-12, to claim its second consecutive bronze medal at Wingate Sports Institute. This is also the second medal ever won by the Iroquois Nationals. The FIL Men’s World Championship featured the 22 placement games Friday for 3rdto 45thplace. This year’s rendering was the largest field with 46 teams competing July 11-21 for the coveted World Championship.

Austin Staats and his older brother, Randy, jumpstarted the Iroquois Nationals with three combined goals, for an early 7-2 lead over Australia into the third quarter. Both teams exchanged goals for 17 minutes in the third and fourth quarters, with the Iroquois Nationals holding a 12-6 lead. Australia’s Nigel Morton scored three of his four goals in the last 22:53 of the game, making a comeback a close reality. Australia outscored the Iroquois in this stretch 6-2.

“We don’t ever want to stop running and we had a little slow moment at the end and they made it a game,” said Austin Staats. “We tried to make sure that they didn’t come back and force OT. We do this for our people and we have them cheering all over the world. For our organization it is the second medal ever. We just want to keep this tradition going.”

Iroquois Nationals’ goalie Warren Hill, who was getting peppered with shots, stood big in the cage, making an unbelievable amount of saves in the waning moments of the game. Australia outshot the Iroquois Nationals, 43-32. Hill blocked 16 shots, finishing with a 57 percent save ratio.

“It’s awesome, you know we would have like to have competed for that gold or silver medal, but we didn’t want to go home empty handed,” said Hill. “With this being our second medal ever, we wanted to make a tradition that we want to medal every time we’re here. We got a little complacent with that big lead from the first half. We knew in our heads that we weren’t going to let them get the lead. It was definitely hectic at the end.” The Staats brothers combined for seven goals. Austin finished the night with four goals leading the Iroquois Nationals, and Randy bagged a hat trick. Kyle Jackson and Frankie Brown contributed two goals each.

In addition to Morton, William Pickett netted two goals, and four others scored one goal.

In other action Friday, host country Israel finished seventh overall, defeating Puerto Rico, 12-1. The one-sided game was led in scoring by Zachary Pall with six goals. This is the second consecutive seventh-place finish for Israel.

The fifth-place game closed out the day  as England came back from a seven-goal deficit, to defeat Japan, 11-9. England, who only allowed two goals for the final three quarters, scored 11 goals, and led by seven individual scorers, with four scoring two goals each.

The 2018 FIL Men’s World Championship gold-medal game features the United States and Canada scheduled for Saturday, July 21 at 10 a.m. at Netanya Stadium. The game will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN+ in the United States. The FIL Men’s World Championship will also be available in Canada on TSN and locally in Israel on Sport 5.

To follow the 2018 FIL Men’s World Championship, and get the most recent content from FIL’s FanHubthat provides one location for fans to see and read all the content written about the 2018 FIL Men’s World Championship. Content will be featured from media outlets, social media channels, the World Championship host site as well as original content from FIL’s media services team.

The FIL Men’s World Championship started in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where the United States defeated Australia for its first of nine World Championship gold medals. In 1974, the second World Championship was held in Melbourne, Australia, with the United States claiming the title. Since then, the event has been held every four years.




2018 FIL Men’s World Championship
Netanya, Israel, July 11-21
Wingate National Sport Institute and Netanya Stadium


Friday, July 20

3rd– Iroquois Nationals def. Australia, 14-12

5th– England def. Japan, 11-9

7th– Israel def. Puerto Rico,12-1

9th– Germany def. Philippines,8-5

11th– Scotland def. Ireland, 14-10

13th– Jamaica def. Wales, 10-7

15th– Finland def. Italy, 16-3

17th– Norway def. Latvia,10-9

19th– Greece def. Switzerland, 8-6

21st– New Zealand def. Netherlands,10-6

23rd– Slovakia def. Austria,11-9

25th– Sweden def. Czech Republic, 9-7

27th– Hong Kong def. Hungary,15-5

29th– Argentina def. Belgium, 12-8

31st– Spain def. Poland, 9-4

33rd– France def. Denmark, 13-7

35th– Korea def. Russia,12-7

37th– Bermuda def. Mexico, 9-6

39th– Peru def. Uganda,11-10

41st– Chinese Taipei def. China,8-7

43rd– Croatia def. Turkey, 15-8

45th– Colombia def. Luxembourg, 13-10


Thursday, July 19

Chinese Taipei def. Turkey, 15-9

Belgium def. Poland, 12-11

Wales def. Italy, 15-4

Czech Republic def. Hong Kong, 9-8

Argentina def. Spain, 16-12

Jamaica def. Finland, 8-7, OT

Denmark def. Korea, 11-7

Sweden def. Hungary, 14-8

Germany def. Ireland, 14-5

New Zealand def. Slovakia, 10-9

China def. Croatia, 15-10

Philippines def. Scotland, 12-6

Bermuda def. Peru, 16-4

Netherlands def. Austria, 10-7

Norway def. Switzerland, 7-5

France def. Russia, 17-8

Japan def. Israel, 10-9

Latvia def. Greece, 14-9

Mexico def. Uganda, 19-3

England def. Puerto Rico, 11-4


Canada def. Iroquois Nationals, 15-4

USA def. Australia, 14-5


Wednesday, July 18

China def. Colombia, 14-6

Chinese Taipei def. Luxembourg, 12-4

Bermuda def. Croatia, 10-1

Czech Republic def. Belgium, 10-8

Jamaica def. Switzerland, 12-6

Mexico def. Turkey, 14-8

Hong Kong def. Poland, 16-5

Sweden def. Argentina, 11-4

Hungary def. Spain, 9-8

Norway def. Austria, 16-5

Wales def. Latvia, 10-9

Greece def. New Zealand, 12-11

Russia def. Peru, 18-9

Korea def. Uganda, 12-4



Australia def. Israel, 9-6

Iroquois Nationals def. Puerto Rico, 14-7

England def. Ireland, 11-10

Japan def. Scotland, 11-7


Tuesday, July 17

Switzerland def. New Zealand, 9-6

Czech Republic def. France, 14-7

Italy def. Philippines def. Italy, 12-11, OT

Latvia def. Norway, 9-8, OT

Spain def. Denmark, 12-7

Canada def. Australia, 13-7

Hungary def. Russia, 14-12

Bermuda  def Chinese Taipei, 10-3

Germany def. Finland, 12-7

Belgium def. Korea, 17-8

Mexico def. Colombia, 22-10

USA def. England, 19-2

Wales def. Austria, 9-5

Jamaica def. Greece, 11-4

Iroquois Nationals def. Scotland, 14-7

Israel def. Ireland, 16-4

Netherlands def. Poland, 9-7

Slovakia def. Argentina, 10-9

Puerto def. Rico Japan, 14-9


Monday, July 16

Latvia def. Sweden, 13-9

Denmark def. Peru, 11-4

Ireland def. Italy, 15-7

France def. Uganda, 14-5

Bermuda def. Luxembourg, 17-2

Israel def. Philippines, 11-8

Mexico def. China, 15-14

Belgium def. Turkey, 11-8

Japan def. Finland, 15-5

New Zealand def. Hong Kong, 11-9

Hungary def. Croatia, 15-3

Australia def. England, 7-6

Wales def. Netherlands, 9-5

Jamaica def. Slovakia, 12-5

Puerto Rico def. Germany, 14-9

Canada def. Iroquois Nationals, 10-5

Austria def. Poland, 12-8

Greece def. Argentina, 12-9

USA def. Scotland, 18-2


Sunday, July 15

Finland def. Norway, 11-9

Russia def. Luxembourg, 24-1

Turkey def. China, 13-12

Germany def. Hong Kong, 12-4

Puerto Rico def. New Zealand, 13-1

Korea def. Mexico, 9-6

Philippines def. Switzerland, 11-5

Jamaica def. Peru, 17-4

Italy def. Sweden, 13-11

Ireland def. Latvia, 12-7

Wales def. Uganda, 17-1

England def. Scotland, 11-8

Belgium def. Colombia, 7-6

Slovakia def. Denmark, 8-5

Argentina def. Czech Republic, 12-8

Hungary def. Bermuda, 7-6

USA def. Canada, 11-10

Iroquois Nationals def. Australia, 16-9

Austria def. Spain, 12-10

Croatia def. Chinese Taipei, 7-6


Saturday, July 14

Hong Kong def. Uganda, 16-1

Japan def. Netherlands, 18-3

Finland def. Colombia, 20-4

Latvia def. Greece, 10-9, OT

Poland def. Luxembourg, 15-6

New Zealand def. Croatia, 16-2

USA def. Australia, 19-1

Germany def. France, 15-4

Sweden def. Hungary, 16-6

Ireland def. Denmark, 14-3

Philippines def. Belgium, 11-4

Switzerland def. Chinese TaiPei, 17-1

Canada def. Scotland, 22-3

Puerto Rico def. Bermuda, 17-3

Italy def. Peru, 13-7

Iroquois Nationals def. England, 18-7

Israel def. Russia, 19-2


Friday, July 13

Greece def. Mexico, 13-8

Austria def. Colombia, 13-7

Uganda def. Luxembourg, 7-6

Spain def. Croatia, 12-9

Japan def. Norway, 24-3

Hong Kong def. Poland, 9-7

Jamaica def. Russia, 17-7

Denmark def. China, 14-4

Australia def. Scotland, 18-6

France def. Korea, 10-6

Argentina def. Hungary, 14-6

Puerto Rico def. Wales, 16-4

Canada def. England, 12-6

Slovakia def. Chinese Taipei, 13-1

Peru def. Turkey, 18-11

Philippines def. Czech Republic, 11-6


Thursday, July 12

Germany def. Korea, 19-5

Poland def. Uganda, 16-4

Switzerland def. Slovakia, 10-6

Norway def. Netherlands, 14-6

New Zealand def. Spain, 9-5

Ireland def. China, 18-3

Latvia def. Mexico, 13-10

Italy def. Turkey, 16-8

Sweden def. Argentina, 13-5

Wales def. Bermuda, 8-4

Finland def. Austria, 11-7

Czech Republic def. Belgium, 15-8

Israel def. Jamaica, 11-3

USA def. Iroquois Nationals, 17-9


Wednesday, July 11

Hong Kong def. Luxembourg, 20-1


FIL Men’s World Championship History

Year – Teams (gold def. silver), Score, Location

2018 – USA vs. Canada, Netanya, Israel

2014 – Canada def. USA, 8-5, Denver, Colorado, USA

2010 – USA def. Canada, 12-10, Manchester, England

2006 – Canada def. USA, 15-10, London, Ontario, Canada

2002 – USA def. Canada, 18-15, Perth, Australia

1998 – USA def. Canada, 15-14 (OT), Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1994 – USA def. Australia, 21-7, Manchester, England

1990 – USA def. Canada, 19-15, Perth, Australia

1986 – USA def. Canada, 18-9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1982 – USA def. Australia, 22-14, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1978 – Canada def. USA, 17-16 (OT), Stockport, England

1974 – USA, Three-way tie for 2nd, Melbourne, Australia

1967 – USA def. Australia, 25-11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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