FIL Names Officials for 2015 U19 Women's World Championship

(TORONTO, ONTARIO) The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) has announced the selection of the following Umpires and Technical Delegates for the FIL Rathbones U19 Women’s World Lacrosse Championship in Edinburgh, Scotland from 23 July – 1 August 2015.

The team of 33 officials listed below will be led by Chair of Women’s Officiating, Stephen Taylor of England and the Chair of Women’s Rules, Jan Jackson of Australia.

U19WC2015 Umpiring Team

Name Country Name Country
Kellie McBean Australia Anika Altenhain Germany
Rochelle Cox Australia Yumi Yokoi Japan
Lyndsay Brooks Canada Minako Matsumoto Japan
Antonio Intranuovo Canada Yu-kyung Won Korea
Emmi Morris Canada Kate McLain New Zealand
Pavel Urban Czech Rep. Stacey Wright New Zealand
Eva Chudlarska Czech Rep. Nicole Goode New Zealand
Sara Benbow England Emily Salvesen Scotland
Paul Bibby England Uli Smid Switzerland
Giles Clark England Lisa Volland USA
Ake Huebner Germany David Dunham USA
Katharina Meier Germany Trina Balch USA


U19WC2015 Technical Delegates

Name Country Name Country
Anne Kingston Australia Lauren Charwat USA
Suzanne Kirkby Australia Sandra Goldthorpe USA
Cheryl Green-MacNeill Canada Rala Heinen USA
Wendy Reynolds England Mara Wager USA
Shoko Noda Japan

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead such skilled and dedicated groups of individuals,” said Stephen Taylor, Chair of Women’s Officiating. “Our umpires and technical delegates come from eleven different countries, which is the largest range of home countries ever included in the officiating team. This is a direct reflection of the development of the sport across our fifty-two member nations. Our goals include strong teamwork, consistency and growth in knowledge and professionalism. I am excited that the mentorship program designed to support these goals has had such a successful start and look forward to seeing what we accomplish together.”

Shelley Maher, Director of Women’s Lacrosse for FIL added, “Congratulations to all of the officials selected to participate at the largest ever U19 Women’s World Championship. As FIL continues to expand its membership, the number of umpires and technical delegates who are qualified to officiate in our events will grow as well. Our goal is that every official will return to their country equipped with some new or additional techniques and skills for teaching others the rules and nuances of umpiring women’s lacrosse. We look forward to the day that every country that participates in one of our world events is also represented by at least one official.”

The officials will be arriving on the weekend of July 18th and will participate in clinics, warm up games, fitness and theory tests ahead of the opening games on Thursday, July 23rd.

—From FIL Press Release

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