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FIL Holds Inaugural Continental Federation Development Meeting; Creates Two New Continental Federations


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The world of international lacrosse expanded in January as two regions—one encompassing the Caribbean, Central and South America and the other representing Africa—began formation of their continental federations.

The actions came at the inaugural continental federation development meeting of the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL), held as part of FIL’s winter board meeting during the US Lacrosse Convention on January 19. Representatives from 14 member nations attended the meeting as well as representatives from the two existing continental federations, the Asia-Pacific Lacrosse Union and the European Lacrosse Federation.

FIL board members in attendance at winter meeting held during the US Lacrosse Convention on January 19. Standing from left to right: Lorna Powell, competition director; Bob DeMarco, development director; Steve Stenersen, vice president, Howie Borkan, general counsel; and Jim Scherr, chief executive officer. Seated from left to right: Ron Balls, secretary general; Sue Redfern, president; Tom Hayes, Olympic vision director; and Don Blacklock, technical director. © FIL 2018

Significant progress was made to begin the development of the South American and African federations. The attendees from the respective continents adopted their official names-the Pan-American Lacrosse Association and the African Association of Lacrosse-and began the task of forming the federations and their respective constitutions. The primary purpose of the continental federations will be to organize championships and to develop lacrosse in their territories.

“This meeting has been hugely beneficial and historical in creating the new continental federations,” said Storm Trentham, of Kenya. “I’m proud to be representing Kenya Lacrosse and helping grow the sport in Africa. It’s a very exciting time for our sport worldwide.”

Representatives provided a report to the attendees on the development and success of lacrosse in their respective countries. Lacrosse has grown quickly around the world with 60 member nations now represented in FIL.

“This is a really exciting time for international lacrosse as we are now providing more centralized governance through the addition of these two new continental federations,” said Bob DeMarco, FIL development committee director. “The commitment and energy felt in this meeting is representative of what is happening worldwide for the sport of lacrosse.”

FIL continental federations meeting attendees. Standing from left to right: Nancy Patrick (US Lacrosse), Dwight Clarke (Jamaica), Jaffari Ibrahim Makanda (Uganda), Emmanuel Charles (Haiti), Wendy Cuthbert (FIL development committee), Jan Van Cauwenberge (Belgium and European Lacrosse Federation – ELF), Won Jae Park (Korea and Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union – APLU), Andre Cook (Peru), Nathan Lowmaster (Puerto Rico), Bob DeMarco (FIL development director), Rick Mercurio (FIL development committee chair), Steven Michel (Bermuda), Mariano Flores Leyes (Argentina), Stan Cockerton (past FIL president), Juan Camilo Valero Lesmes (Colombia), Ron Balls (FIL secretary general), Trent Haffler (Chile) and Diego Valdivia Rodriguez (Mexico). Kneeling from left to right: Howie Borkan (FIL general counsel), Walter Rojas (Costa Rica) and Storm Trentham (Kenya). © FIL 2018


The continental federation meeting was attended by: Mariano Flores Leyes (Argentina); Steven Michel (Bermuda); Trent Haffler (Chile); Juan Camilo Valero Lesmes (Colombia); Walter Rojas (Costa Rica); M. Emanuel Charles (Haiti); Dwight Clarke (Jamaica); Storm Trentham (Kenya); Diego Valdivia Rodriguez (Mexico); Andre Cook (Peru); Nathan Lowmaster (Puerto Rico); and Jaffari Ibrahim Makanda (Uganda).

Also attending for the FIL’s continental federations were Won Jae Park (Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union), and Jan van Cauwenberge (European Lacrosse Federation).

The meeting was organized and managed by the FIL development committee under the leadership of Demarco and Rick Mercurio, FIL development committee chair. Also assisting in conducting the meeting were: Stan Cockerton, FIL past president; Ron Balls, FIL secretary general; Howie Borkan, FIL general counsel; and Wendy Cuthbert, FIL development committee.


Contact Jim Scherr, FIL chief executive officer: or +1 719 330 4029.

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