April 6, 2019

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is an annual celebration held on April 6th to celebrate the power of sport which positively impacts social change, community development and foster peace. This date commemorates the inaugural modern day Olympic Games in 1896 and was selected by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2013 and has been celebrated each year since 2014.

The IOC has been supportive of this initiative and continues to support it based on the values and roles it has on the positive contribution to social change, human and economic development and to foster peace around the world.

Sport Encourages:
Individual development
Health promotion and disease prevention
The promotion of gender equality
Social integration and the development of social capital
Peace building and conflict prevention/resolution
Post-disaster/trauma relief and normalisation of life
Economic development
Communication and social mobilisation
To learn more about International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) visit http://www.un.org/en/events/sportday/.