OSHAWA, Ontario, Canada –  Canada defeated the Haudenosaunee 17-4 in the gold medal game on Sunday to win the World Lacrosse Women’s Super Sixes competition in Oshawa.

Canada finished first in the four-game group stage against the Haudenosaunee and England with a 3-1 record. The Haudenosaunee finished 2-2 with wins over both teams and came out on top of a tight 12-11 contest against England on the final day of the competition, effectively earning its spot in the gold medal match.

Erica Evans (CAN) and Paige Crandall (HAU) were named the players of the game in the final.

Super Sixes will return next October in Oshawa, Ontario.

The full set of scores can be found below.

Final Scores

Game 1 – Canada 10, England 6
Game 2 – Haudenosaunee 4, Canada 23

Game 3 – England 9, Haudenosaunee 12
Game 4 – Canada 15, England 8
Game 5 – Canada 8, Haudenosaunee 9

Game 6 – Haudenosaunee 11, England 12
Game 7 –  Gold Medal Match: Canada 17, Haudenosaunee 4