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All-World Athletes: Dana Dobbie

World Lacrosse is highlighting its All-World athletes from past world championships to celebrate their outstanding performances.

Dana Dobbie is a four-time selection to the All-World team at women’s field championships (2009, 2013, 2017, 2022), during which time she helped Canada claim three silver medals and one bronze medal.

Dobbie, in her fourth senior women’s championship in 2022, was an integral part of Canada’s attack, scoring 13 goals and recording four assists in eight games on a 68% shooting percentage.

Overall, in Dobbie’s four championships, she has amassed 54 goals and 20 assists, with career-highs of 18 goals in 2008 and nine assists in 2017. She was a captain for Canada in 2013, 2017 and 2022.

Below is a short Q and A with Dobbie and World Lacrosse.

When and why did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing across with my family as soon as I started to walk. It was at age 4 when I signed up to play box lacrosse.

Who is your lacrosse hero?

My lacrosse hero and athlete inspiration was and is Jen Adams – she was the fiercest competitor who made her teammates better every time she stepped on the field and inspired those she played against and those who watched. She continues to lead this way as a coach at the international and college levels. 

Who has been your most influential coach or teammate, and why?

My most influential coach would have to be my father Garry Dobbie. From the start of my athletic career, he treated me as an athlete and not just his little girl. He gave me the opportunity to play and compete in any sport I wanted to, which at the time were rostered by only boys. From the day I picked up my first lacrosse stick, he taught me the basic fundamentals, how to open my creativity, lacrosse IQ and why being someone’s best teammate is the most important aspect of being a part of a team.  

What drives you to excel at what you do?

I truly believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. When you are a part of a team, you have no other option than to give your very best. Gratitude for the game also allows me to train and compete at my best. 

What is your favorite lacrosse moment throughout your career?

My favorite lacrosse moment was not winning the gold medal at The World Games in sixes or any of my world championship medals. My favorite moment was honestly adding women’s box lacrosse to the World Lacrosse championship schedule. That moment created equal opportunity for women’s players to play and represent their national teams in all disciplines, which has taken 21 years to achieve. 

What was your experience like at the 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s Championship?

This championship was our largest women’s championship to date. We had more athletes than ever before. The gap between the top nations and the new nations continued to shorten, the competition across the board was so incredible. My experience was a remarkable one, my love for the game was strengthened, I made more friends from around the world and competed in the closest gold medal game Team Canada has played to-date. The 2022 Women’s Championship also prepared us as a team to win gold at the The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama.

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