A total of 121 officials from 17 countries to participate in major international events in 2022 

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, USA – World Lacrosse today announced the 121 officials who will cover three major international events in 2022: the World Lacrosse Women’s Championship in Towson, Maryland; The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama; and the World Lacrosse Men’s U21 Championship in Limerick, Ireland. The diverse officiating roster includes representatives from 17 National Federations.  

Don Blacklock, WL board technical director, said: “Being selected to participate in a world championship or international multi-sport event is testament to the dedication and abilities of these officials, who have committed significant time and resources to the growth and development of the sport around the globe.” 

Tom Sutton, WL Officiating Committee chair, said: “This impressive group of officials hails from all over the world and represents the best in our sport. World Lacrosse thanks the talented members of this team for their commitment to ensuring that the competition at our events is truly world class.” 

The 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship officials will be led by Lauren Charwat (USA), chair of the World Lacrosse Women’s Officiating Subcommittee, along with Rala Heinen (USA), Wendy Reynolds (ENG) and Colleen Spiegelhoff (USA). 

Appointed officials (53):
Argentina (1) – Javier Mazza
Australia (6) – Amy Basile, Susan Milne, Kellie Morley, Natalie Owens, Tammy Varga, Nicole Voysey
Belgium (1) – Séraphine Aelterman
Canada (7) – Hanna Burnett, Marisa Di Bari, Amanda Groothuis, Rachel Johnston, Katie Kuzuchar, Cheryl MacNeill, Lindsey Palmer
Czech Republic (3) – Lenka Peskova, Lucie Růžková, Pavel Urban
England (2) – Paul Bibby, Stephen Taylor
Germany (2) – Anika Altenhain, Ake Kriwall 
Hong Kong (2) – Joyce Tai, Joyce Yan Yee Tong 
Japan (9) – Sachiko Goto, Mami Kimura, Sakiko Matsumoto, Aya Miyazaki, Erika Ojika, Yuko Okubo, Hitomi Sakamoto, Shihoko Tsuji, Yume Ueki 
Mexico (1) – Jaime Martinez 
Netherlands (3) – Elisabeth Dick, Annika Lie, Sanne Visser
New Zealand (2) – Eleanor Burkin, Ursula Johnson 
Switzerland (1) – Judith Schneider 
United States (13) – Cheryl Anstotz, Jessica Borghoff, Elizabeth Brush, Larry Carr, Dave Dunham, Patti Klecha- Porter, Jessica Lowrance, Mike Miller, Lucia Perfetti Clark, Cathy Russo, Lisa Volland, Mara Wager, Rena Whitehouse 

The World Games 2022 will be led by Tom Sutton, WL Officiating Committee chair, along with Dave Dunham (USA), Phil Pearson (ENG) and Steve O’Shaughnessy (CAN). 

Appointed officials (22):
Australia (1) – Steve Green
Canada (6) – Lyndsay Brooks, Brent Coulombe, Scott McMullen, Cheryl MacNeill, Ryan Nose, Carolyn Toll 
Czech Republic (1) – Bohdan Fuka
England (3) – Peter Davidson, Mike Leahy, Lara Owen 
Germany (2) – Ake Kriwall, Ryan Wallace 
Japan (3) – Sachiko Goto, Yusuke Kondo, Yume Ueki
United States (6) – Elizabeth Brush, Dan Dlugozima, Keith Glock, Rob Gross, Jessica Lowrance, Mara Wager 

The 2022 World Lacrosse Men’s U21 Championship will be led by Dick Pepper (USA), along with Mark Polden (AUS – chair of the Men’s Officiating Subcommittee), Phil Pearson (ENG) and Lindsay Scott (AUS).  

Appointed officials (47):
Australia (5) – Bradley Edwards, Steve Green, Tim Kennedy, Rick Smissen, Danny Whitbourn 
Belgium (3) – Louis Hubert, Alexandre Joos de ter Beerst, Jan Van Cauwenberge
Canada (7) – Lee Brien, Ryan Dutkus, Brad Gerrow, Norm Macdonald, Cam McCulloch, Ryan Nose, Dale Wilson England (8) – Mark Buckley, Peter Davidson, Thomas Hamey, James Hawksworth, Andrew Higginbottom, Emma Jones, Mike Leahy, Dean Mohareb 
Germany (4) – Alexander Frey, Patrick Greiner, Jakob Grossehagenbrock, Ryan Wallace 
Haudenosaunee (1) – Jeff George
Hong Kong (3) – Jaime Chan, Dennis Cheng, Edwin Leung 
Japan (2) – Kazuhiko Inagaki, Kota Ito 
Netherlands (3) – Adrian Marcinkowski, Jorick Spitzen, Wouter van der Horst 
New Zealand (1) – John Brockelbank 
Norway (2) – Sven Keizer, Grunde Otnes 
Scotland (1) – Rob Powell 
United States (7) – Eric Campbell, Bill Doherty, Tim Genecco, Fred McCarrick, Tyler Mikolajewski, James Reilly, Nick Schmitt 

The 2022 world events kick off with the women’s championship, set for June 29 to July 9 at Towson University, followed by The World Games, where the shorter, faster World Lacrosse Sixes discipline will make its debut on the global stage from July 7-17. The men’s U21 championship will then take place at the University of Limerick from August 10-20. Both the women’s championship and The World Games were originally scheduled for 2021, while the men’s event was slated for 2020 prior to postponement due to the pandemic.