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The Ukraine Lacrosse Federation (ULF) is an organization whose mission is to introduce, develop and grow the sport of lacrosse in the Ukraine. Six years ago, lacrosse was introduced to Ukraine by teaching youth for boys and girls through clinics and camps. The vision was to see lacrosse grow throughout Ukraine so that one day Ukraine would be recognized by the FIL as an official county. In 2018, Ukraine Lacrosse became an official member as the 62nd country. The goals of Ukraine Lacrosse Federation: Introduce, develop and grow the sport of lacrosse in the Ukraine at all levels for both men and women. Establish the Ukraine Lacrosse Federation as the National Governing Body/National Sports Federation for lacrosse in Ukraine. Fund raise to support growth of lacrosse in Ukraine through donations and sponsorships. Develop a Ukraine National Team. Become a member of European Lacrosse Federation. Qualify for the 2020 European Championship. Qualify for the 2022 World Games. See 22 clubs in 10 years with one club in each region of Ukraine. The purpose of Ukraine Lacrosse Federation: To develop men and women into leaders who will maximize their purpose on and off the field, increase their knowledge of lacrosse and grow in their relationships. Life’s greatest lessons and values can be learned on the sports field. Sports help to reveal and refine our character so men and women will become leaders who love, serve and care.

Primary Contacts

Primary Demediuk Volodymyr Ivanovych President