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In recent years Jamaican athletes and the nation as a whole have benefited from the growing realization that our country is blessed with incredible athletic potential. Our government has been placing an ever increasing focus on sport as a form of national, human and economic development.

The Jamaica Lacrosse Association believes that lacrosse is a sport that captures the spirit of the Jamaican people. The game is fast, high tempo, fun, constantly flowing and celebrates creativity. Lacrosse is dubbed “the fastest game on two feet.” Jamaica is home to the fastest people on earth.

Lacrosse and the Jamaican people are a perfect match. Our short term goal is to introduce lacrosse as a sport to be played in the high schools, enabling sustainability and the benefit of a preexisting competition and match infrastructure. Our long term goal is to compete for FIL World Championships.

Primary Contacts

Primary Calbert Hutchinson President jamaicalacrosse@gmail.com