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Giving Shared Test Page

Giving Shared Test Button

My takeaways:

  • It’s really easy to use
  • It works with Stripe by default
    • Cost is 2.9% for Stripe, plus 1.0% for Giving Shared
    • Can be set-up so that donors can pick-up up to 3% of the fees
  • You can set up multiple funds
    • I set up five in the demo
      • Light the Torch for Lacrosse – Olympic Vision
      • Specific Country
      • Development
      • Youth Development
      • General Fund

Highlights from Giving Shared Website

Accept Online Donations
Create funds for virtually anything. Donation fund… General fund… Event fund… Building fund… it’s up to you. Plus, with Giving Shared your members can donate to multiple funds in a single transaction – another way we encourage generosity in your members.

Complete Administration Backend
As an organization, you’ll have access to a powerful and secure suite of tools to report, export, and manage your members’ payments. Export to Quickbooks, run reports, and manage funds. Management is so easy you may even start calling it “fun”.Event Registration & Tickets
Giving Shared allows you to create event pages, and special funds that are not needed in the general giving pages. For example, you can create event pages for concerts, dinners, special mission funds, or youth trips. Each page is tracked as a fund in the admin dashboard, and gets its own page and link so you can send members right to the special page.

Run Fundraiser Campaigns
Build entire fundraising campaigns with the click of a button simply by specifying the amount of your goal. We’ll track payments and display a meter to track your fundraising goal.

Member Login & Account History
The streamlined membership area allows your members to track all of their payment history, view their event registrations, and securely manage all of their donations and payments.

Autopilot Recurring Giving
Members can create recurring payments to charge their billing method weekly, monthly, or yearly. Recurring payments can be designated to any one or more funds on your account. It’s convenient for your members, and increases the predictability of your monthly revenue.

Keep up to 100% of Payments!
We give your members the opportunity to cover the processing costs, so that your organization receives up to 100% of the transaction. You can enable or disable “fee offset” options in your control panel.