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Men’s Box Championship Schedule

All times listed are ET (UTC-5). The Utica University Nexus Center has three playing surfaces, and the Adirondack Bank Center is referred to below as AUD. The team designated as home is listed first.

Friday, September 20

1GermanyIreland10 a.m.AUDPool G
2NetherlandsU.S. Virgin Islands11:30 a.m.Nexus 1Pool E
3Puerto RicoAustralia2:30 p.m.Nexus 1Pool F
4HaudenosauneeUnited States8 p.m.AUDPool A

Saturday, September 21

5ScotlandChinese Taipei9:30 a.m.Nexus 3Pool D
6AustraliaSlovakia10:45 a.m.Nexus 2Pool F
7AustriaItaly11:30 a.m.Nexus 1Pool E
8FinlandSwitzerland12:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool C
9GreeceJapan1:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool C
10HungaryPuerto Rico2:30 p.m.Nexus 1Pool F
11IrelandChina3:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool G
12PolandGermany4:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool G
13CanadaEngland5:30 p.m.Nexus 1Pool A
14Hong Kong, ChinaBelgium6:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool B
15MexicoIsrael7:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool B
16JamaicaCzech Republic8:15 p.m.Nexus 1Pool D

Sunday, September 22

17AustriaU.S. Virgin Islands9:30 a.m.Nexus 3Pool E
18SwitzerlandJapan10 a.m.AUDPool C
19FinlandGreece10:45 a.m.Nexus 2Pool C
20SlovakiaHungary12:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool F
21EnglandUnited States1:00 p.m.AUDPool A
22ItalyNetherlands1:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool E
23IsraelBelgium3:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool B
24CanadaHaudenosaunee4 p.m.AUDPool A
25ScotlandJamaica4:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool D
26Czech RepublicChinese Taipei6:15 p.m.Nexus 3Pool D
27ChinaPoland7 p.m.AUDPool G
28Hong Kong, ChinaMexico7:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool B

Monday, September 23

29SwitzerlandGreece10 a.m.AUDPool C
30NetherlandsAustria10:45 a.m.Nexus 2Pool E
31U.S. Virgin IslandsItaly11:30 a.m.Nexus 1Pool E
32SlovakiaPuerto Rico1 p.m.AUDPool F
33AustraliaHungary1:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool F
34JapanFinland2:30 p.m.Nexus 1Pool C
35BelgiumMexico4 p.m.AUDPool B
36GermanyChina4:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool G
37Czech RepublicScotland5:30 p.m.Nexus 1Pool D
38Chinese TaipeiJamaica7 p.m.AUDPool D
39PolandIreland7:45 p.m.Nexus 2Pool G
40IsraelHong Kong, China8:15 p.m.Nexus 1Pool B

Tuesday, September 24

43Play-In3:15 p.m.Nexus 3
46Play-In3:45 p.m.Nexus 1
45Play-In6:15 p.m.Nexus 3
44Play-In6:45 p.m.Nexus 1
41HaudenosauneeEngland4 p.m.AUDPool A
42United StatesCanada7 p.m.AUDPool A

Wednesday, September 25

54Playoffs Round 11 p.m.AUD
51Playoffs Round 14 p.m.AUD
53Playoffs Round 17 p.m.AUD
52Playoffs Round 18:15 p.m.Nexus 1
50Placement 13-2810 a.m.AUD
55Placement 13-2810:45 a.m.Nexus 2
47Placement 13-2811:30 a.m.Nexus 1
49Placement 13-281:45 p.m.Nexus 2
48Placement 13-282:30 p.m.Nexus 1
58Placement 13-284:45 p.m.Nexus 2
57Placement 13-285:30 p.m.Nexus 1
56Placement 13-287:45 p.m.Nexus 2

Thursday, September 26

62Quarterfinal10 a.m.AUD
59Quarterfinal1 p.m.AUD
61Quarterfinal4 p.m.AUD
60Quarterfinal7 p.m.AUD
63Placement 21-289:30 a.m.Nexus 3
67Placement 13-2010:45 a.m.Nexus 2
66Placement 21-2812:15 p.m.Nexus 3
70Placement 13-201:45 p.m.Nexus 2
65Placement 21-283:15 p.m.Nexus 3
69Placement 13-204:45 p.m.Nexus 2
64Placement 21-286:15 p.m.Nexus 3
68Placement 13-207:45 p.m.Nexus 2

Friday, September 27

74Semifinal4 p.m.AUD
73Semifinal7 p.m.AUD
77Placement 25-289:30 a.m.Nexus 3
72Placement 9-1210 a.m.AUD
71Placement 9-1210:45 a.m.Nexus 2
79Placement 21-2412:15 p.m.Nexus 3
76Placement 5-81 p.m.AUD
81Placement 17-201:45 p.m.Nexus 2
78Placement 25-283:15 p.m.Nexus 3
82Placement 17-204:45 p.m.Nexus 2
80Placement 21-246:15 p.m.Nexus 3
75Placement 5-87:45 p.m.Nexus 2

Saturday, September 28

88Placement 13-169:30 a.m.Nexus 3
849th place10:45 a.m.Nexus 1
89Placement 13-1611:30 a.m.Nexus 2
9223rd place12:15 p.m.Nexus 3
857th place1:45 p.m.Nexus 1
8311th place2:30 p.m.Nexus 2
9419th place3:15 p.m.Nexus 3
835th place4:45 p.m.Nexus 1
9321st place5:30 p.m.Nexus 2
9125th place6:15 p.m.Nexus 3
87Bronze Medal7 p.m.AUD
9027th place7:45 p.m.Nexus 1

Sunday, September 29

9615th place9 a.m.AUD
9713th place10 a.m.Nexus 1
9517th place10 a.m.Nexus 2
98Gold Medal3 p.m.AUD