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Coaching Videos

Athlete Development Videos

Learn from some of the best in the field of skill acquisition

Motor Learning: Blocked vs. Random Practice…

Motor learning is the study of how people acquire skill through practice. Decades of research show that there are more effective ways to design our practices.

Making the Modern Athlete

A Conversation between authors David Epstein and Malcolm Gladwell around optimal athlete development pathways and the perils of specialization in sport.

Understanding Talent

This film was developed by sportscotland to help young athletes understand what ‘talent’ is and how you can get good at sport – it’s more of a choice than you might think.

To Get Better You Have to Get Ugly

Trevor Ragan of explains how it all works and how shifting our focus from worrying about how we look to what really matters, learning and growing can change the way we learn.

Learning Like a Jungle Tiger

Trevor Ragan of explains how the difference between jungle and zoo tigers can be applied to building better athletes.

Coach Development Videos

Coach development is an on-going process.  Learn new tips and tricks from some of the best coach developers in the world.

Wayne Goldsmith YouTube Channel

Sports leadership and international coaching expert, Wayne Goldsmith gives insider tips on how to improve your team and individual athlete coaching

Connected Coaches

ConnectedCoaches is UK Coaching’s (formerly Sports Coach UK) online community for coaches in any sport or activity. Check out their Connected Coach YouTube Channel.

iCoach Kids YouTube Channel

iCoachKids is a not-for-profit international, collaborative, multi-agency project aiming to support the development of a Specialist Children and Youth Coaching Workforce across the EU to make sure all youth sport participants have a positive experience led by suitably trained coaches leading to a lifelong involvement in sport and healthier lives.