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Steph Migchelsen

Incoming Vice President

Term: 2022-26 (four-year term), beginning on October 1st.
Residing: London, England

The vice president performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president or in the event the president is unable to serve. The vice president also serves as an ex-officio member of all committees of the board and chairs the Nominations Committee.

Steph Migchelsen was elected to the World Lacrosse board of directors in June 2022 and officially joins the board as vice president in October 2022. She has led the development and growth of lacrosse in Europe as a board member of the European Lacrosse Federation since 2011, and as president of ELF since 2013. 

Lacrosse has been a constant throughout Migchelsen’s life for the past 20 years and she credits the lacrosse community for her success on and off the field. 

Migchelsen began her lacrosse playing career in Toronto, Canada, before moving to Utrecht in the Netherlands while pursuing a master’s degree. There, she played five seasons with the university team, winning the 2011 Dutch national championship. She also traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for six months and played with the local team while completing an academic internship. She then co-organized the 2012 European Championship in Amsterdam and was voted to the ELF board that summer. 

She relocated to London, England, while attaining her doctorate degree and was voted the first female president of the ELF in 2013. Since then, she has completed research in West Africa and continued to develop European lacrosse and support development efforts in countries across Europe. She has also helped oversee nine European Championship events across field and box disciplines for both men and women at the senior and junior levels.  

Migchelsen has been involved with World Lacrosse as a delegate to the General Assembly since 2017 and has served as a member of the Governance Working Group, the Membership Working Group and the Continental Federation Working Group.  

She now works as an epidemiologist in public health in London.