Japan Proving to be Asia’s Rising Sun, Upset Haudenosaunee

Japan Proving to be Asia’s Rising Sun, Upset Haudenosaunee

Results, Standings and Wednesday Schedule

Japan is proving to be the rising star of the youth movement of Asian Lacrosse, as their U19 team upset the native Haudenosaunee, 11 to 9, in Day 6 of the World Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse U19 World Championship.

Stormy weather in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, caused a series of delays, however, the strength and resilience of teams and athletes insured a smooth transition during weather delays and ushered in competitive play. As the playoff bracket commenced, Tuesday, games became more crucial and seemed to be played at a higher level, none more the Japan- Haudenosaunee match.

Team Japan’s defense in the closing minutes of the game seemed to be the difference.

“Everyone was taking ownership to challenge (on defense), and we as a staff though they played well,” said Hiroyuki Shoji of Team Japan. “We had a lot of communication on the team. We we’re sharing information, like who’s dangerous, who’s the key person on a play.”

Haudenosaunee’s “home field” advantage, including a boisterous group of backers, didn’t seem to faze Japan, who have their eyes on a greater prize.

“We really want to work for a better ranking from the previous world championship. So, this next game is a must win,” said Yuzuna Ishii of Team Japan.

Japan now moves on to the quarter finals, as they will be taking on the fourth seed from Pool A; Australia. While the Haudenosaunee move into the consolation bracket, where their first match will be against Mexico.

-Mohamed Yusef & Liam Cunningham reporting

2019 World Lacrosse Women’s U19 World Championship

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, August 1-10

Trent University & Fleming College


England def. China, 18-9

Chinese Taipei def. Ireland, 10-9

Puerto Rico def. New Zealand, 12-11

Australia def. Mexico, 21-2

Israel def. Kenya, 13-4

Japan def. Haudenosaunee, 11-9

Germany def. Scotland, 10-7

Canada def. Korea, 21-2

Wales def. Czech Republic, 12-10

USA def. Hong Kong, 25-0


Mexico vs. Haudenosaunee, 9:00 AM EST

Ireland vs. Jamaica, 9:30 AM EST

Australia vs. Japan, 11:00 PM EST

China vs. Puerto Rico, 12:00 PM EST

Israel vs. Belgium, 12:30 PM EST

England vs. New Zealand, 2:00 PM EST

Scotland vs. Korea, 3:00 PM EST

Germany vs. Canada, 5:00 PM EST

Czech Republic vs. Hong Kong, 6:00 PM EST

Wales vs. USA, 8:00 PM EST

Win-Loss Records (throughout tournament thru Tuesday)

* Belgium and Jamaica knocked out of tournament

United States (4-0) #1 seed moving forward

Canada (3-1)

England (2-2)

Australia (1-3)

Japan (4-0)

New Zealand (2-1)

Wales (2-2)

Scotland (0-4)

Germany (5-0)

China (3-1)

Republic of Korea (2-3)

Kenya (1-4)

Jamaica (0-4)

Czech Republic (3-1)

Mexico (2-2)

Chinese Taipei (2-2)

Ireland (0-4)

Puerto Rico (5-0)

Haudenosaunee (3-2)

Hong Kong (2-3)

Israel (2-3)

Belgium (0-4)

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