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The Slovak Lacrosse Federation – SLF (Slovenská Lakrosová Federácia) is a full member of the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) and the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL), is the national governing body for lacrosse in the Slovak Republic.

SLF’s mission is to provide oversight and to create conditions for the development of inter-crosse, field lacrosse, box (indoor) lacrosse and women’s lacrosse in Slovakia.

The main activities of SLF:

  • Develops and approves the concept for the development of lacrosse in the Slovak Republic
  • Oversees established clubs in the Slovak Republic, including their material and technical assurance
  • Responsible for ensuring the state representation of the Slovak Republic and its international relations
  • Organizes international lacrosse competitions
  • Represents its members in international organizations Provides training for coaches, referees/umpires and other specialized groups/members
  • Supports the development of lacrosse with adults (men, women), children and youth
  • Approves the structure of the federation and procedures, manages sports activities and technical issues, maintains licenses, and provides disciplinary oversight

Primary Contacts

Primary Igor Moravcik President