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NationMethod of Qualification
United States1st 2018 WLMC
Canada2nd 2018 WLMC
Haudenosaune3rd 2018 WLMC
Australia4th 2018 WLMC
England5th 2018 WLMC
Japan6th 2018 WLMC
Israel7th 2018 WLMC
Germany8th 2018 WLMC
Scotland9th 2018 WLMC
Ireland10th 2018 WLMC
Puerto Rico1st PALA CF Qualifier
Jamaica2nd PALA CF Qualifier
Mexico3rd PALA CF Qualifier
Peru4th PALA CF Qualifier
Korea1st APLU CF Qualifier
Hong Kong, China2st APLU CF Qualifier
New Zealand3rd APLU CF Qualifier
Philippines4th APLU CF Qualifier
Wales1st ELF CF Qualifier
Czech Republic2nd ELF CF Qualifier
Switzerland3rd ELF CF Qualifier
Italy4th ELF CF Qualifier
Latvia5th ELF CF Qualifier
Netherlands6th ELF CF Qualifier
Austria7th ELF CF Qualifier
Poland8th ELF CF Qualifier
Sweden9th ELF CF Qualifier
Denmark*10th ELF CF Qualifier
France*11th ELF CF Qualifier
Uganda1st AAL CF Qualifier

Denmark finished 11th, but with the withdrawal of Finland in 10th, France replaced Finland, and Denmark moved into 10th place.


Pool A

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
United StatesPALA – Automatic #1
CanadaPALA – Automatic #2
HaudenosauneePALA – Automatic #3
AustraliaAPLU – Automatic #4
EnglandELF – Automatic #5

Pool B

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
JapanAPLU – Automatic #6
UgandaAAL – #1
WalesELF – #1
DenmarkELF – #11
FranceELF – #12

Pool C

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
IsraelELF – Automatic #7
PhilippinesAPLU – #4
Czech RepublicELF – #2
SwedenELF – #9
Puerto RicoPALA – #1

Pool D

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
GermanyELF – Automatic #8
New ZealandAPLU – #3
SwitzerlandELF – #3
PolandELF – #8
JamaicaPALA – #2

Pool E

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
ScotlandELF – Automatic #9
Hong Kong, ChinaAPLU – #2
ItalyELF – #4
AustriaELF – #7
MexicoPALA – #3

Pool F

NationContinental Federation & Qualification Rank
IrelandELF – Automatic #10
KoreaAPLU – #1
LatviaELF – #5
NetherlandsELF – #6
PeruPALA – #4


Pool Play

A. Following round-robin pool play, teams will first be ranked within their pools using the tie-breaking measures from the World Lacrosse Event Hosting and Competition Manual (shown below)

B. Following the completion of pool rankings, a combined ranking will be calculated for all 30 teams, with A-pool teams occupying the first five positions, and the remaining 25 teams ranked #6-30 based on the following:

  1. Placement within pool (#1-5)
  2. Points (one point awarded for a win, zero points for a loss) 
  3. Goal differential (goals for minus goals against) capped at 12 per game
  4. Goals conceded (fewest)

C. #1 and #2 receive a bye to the quarterfinals, while #3-14 advance to the first round of the playoffs 

D. Teams ranked #15-30 after pool play will move to placement brackets as follows:

  • #15-22 move to a placement bracket towards 15th place.
  • #23-30 move to a placement bracket towards 23rd place

The list of placement games can be found here.

Playoffs // First Round

  • 3 v 14 
  • 4 v 13
  • 5 v 12 
  • 6 v 11 
  • 7 v 10 
  • 8 v 9

E. Winning teams move to quarterfinals.

*Top/middle/bottom for placement games are determined using combined ranking following pool play as noted in point B. 

Playoffs // Quarterfinals

  • QF1 // 1 v [winner 8 v 9] 
  • QF2 // 2 v [winner 7 v 10] 
  • QF3 // [winner 3 v 14] v [winner 6 v 11] 
  • QF4 // [winner 4 v 13] v [winner 5 v 12] 

F. Winning teams move to semifinals

G. Losing teams move to consolation play, with one more game to determine final placement as follows:

  • 5th place game // top** two losing QF teams
  • 7th place game // bottom** two losing QF teams

**Top/bottom for placement games are determined using combined ranking following pool play as noted in point B.

Playoffs // Semifinals & Medal Games

  • SF 1 // [winner QF1] v [winner QF4] 
  • SF2 // [winner QF2] v [winner QF3]

H. Winning teams move to gold medal game

I. Losing teams move to bronze medal game


Excerpt from Appendix 10, Event Hosting and Competition Manual 

The winner of each game will be awarded one (1) point and the loser no points (0). Games must be played to a conclusive result. There shall be no tied games.

In the event of two or more teams finishing with equal points in pool play, positions will be determined by the following procedure:

a) the win record considering those games in which the teams on equal points have competed against each other (i.e., head-to-head)
if not conclusive then:
b) by the *Goal Difference considering those games in which the teams on equal points have competed against each other.
if not conclusive then:
c) the decider will be the “fewest goals conceded” considering the games between the tied teams.
if not conclusive then:
d) the decider, between the tied teams, will be the *Goal Difference considering all the games in the Pool rounds.
if not conclusive then
e) the decider, between the tied teams will be the “fewest goals conceded” considering all the games in the Pool rounds.

*Goal Difference is defined as: Goals For – Goals Against
, capped at 12 per game.