World Lacrosse Documents

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World Lacrosse Organizational Documents

World Lacrosse Post GA Survey

World Lacrosse Post 2019 GA Survey


WL Constitution – August 2019


WL Bylaws – August 2019

Roles and Responsibilities

World Lacrosse Roles & Responsibilities
Secretary General Title Change Explanation

Strategic Plan



Country By Seeding and Group – May 27 2019
WILC Draws – May 27 2019
WILC Facility Schedule – May 27 2019
WILC Schedule Comparison – May 27 2019


World Lacrosse Policies – 2019
World Lacrosse Finance Policy
World Lacrosse Code of Conduct – Board
World Lacrosse Code of Ethics
WL Concussion Policy August 2019
World Lacrosse Athlete’s Commission
World Lacrosse World Events – Forfeiture Policy
World Lacrosse Entourage Guidelines
World Lacrosse Hydration Policy
WL Event Naming Policy August 2019
WL Whistle Blower Policy – August 2019
WL Gender Equality and Diversity Policy August 2019
WL Gender Determination Guidelines – August 2019