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About World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse is the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, responsible for providing effective leadership and governance of the sport internationally while supporting the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide.

World Lacrosse currently has 62 member-National Governing Bodies and holds five World Championships:

  • Men’s World Championship
  • Women’s World Championship
  • Men’s Under-19 World Championship
  • Women’s Under-19 World Championship
  • Men’s Indoor World Championship

Each event is held on a quadrennial basis.

In November 2018, World Lacrosse was honored to earn Provisional Recognition from the International Olympic Committee — a critical step in the continued growth of the sport around the globe.

World Lacrosse is governed by a Board of Directors and its organizational headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

World Lacrosse 2019 General Assembly

Meet the Current World Lacrosse Board Members:

Current World Lacrosse Board