International Rules

As the international governing body for lacrosse, World Lacrosse is responsible for the rules of  Men’s and Women’s (10 a-side), Men’s Indoor Lacrosse and the new small-sided game (6 a-side).  Additionally, World Lacrosse also endorses rules developed for Wheelchair and Mixed Lacrosse.

The Rules for each of the approved games are overseen by separate Rules Sub-Committees for each, with the World Lacrosse Chair of Rules having oversight of the change process.  Member nations are invited to propose rule changes for consideration.  Rule Change requests can be made by completing the Rule Change Form and send to World Lacrosse.

Rules Documents


WL 2021-2023 Men’s Field Lacrosse Rulebook









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World Lacrosse Box Lacrosse Rulebook 2020-2022









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World Lacrosse 2020-2022 Women’s Lacrosse Rules









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World Lacrosse 2021 RULES MEMORANDUM – Womens Lacrosse


Womens Lacrosse Stick List – 2020 August

Men’s Wheelchair Lacrosse Rules


Mixed Field Rules


How to Propose Rule Changes

World Lacrosse encourages its athletes, coaches, officials and National Governing Bodies to play an active part in the creation and evolution of the playing rules across all forms of the international game.

To this end, we ask Full Members who wish to propose a potential new rule, change to an existing rule, or to provide guidance for any rule, to please use the Rule Change Proposal to Committee Form

The proposal will need to be completed in full, have the necessary endorsements and shall be submitted in line with the published deadlines below in order that it may be considered by the relevant rules committee.

The following disciplines will be accepting Rule Change Proposals for consideration in 2021

  • Women Rules
  • Indoor Rules
  • Six v Six Rules
  • Harmonized Rule Changes impacting two or more disciplines

Rule Changes for Men’s Lacrosse can be submitted in 2021 however, they will not be considered until 2022.

2021 Rule Change Timelines



Deadline for open submission of rules changes to Committee  from National Governing Bodies to the World Lacrosse Rules Committee

Friday 9th April 2021

Member Webinars to present proposed changes

June 2021
(Exact Date to be advised)

Proposed Rule changes to the Board

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Circulation of the rule change proposals to the National Governing Bodies

Tuesday 10th August 2021

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, in the first instance please contact Brent Nowicki – World Lacrosse Rules Chair

We thank you the members in advance for your interest and involvement in helping to shape rules to grow and develop lacrosse now, and into the future.

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