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Unified Field Dimensions and Markings

Summary of changes

A summary of these changes is as follows, with more detail provided in the attached documents below under “Alternative measurements for existing MENS’s facilities.”


  • Size of field increased from 110 yard X 60 yard to 110 m X 60 m (120.30 yard X 65.62 yard)
  • Goal crease radius increased from 3 yard to 3 m (3.28 yard)
  • Space behind the goal reduced from 15 yard to 12 m (13.12 yard)
  • Substitution area or gate increased from 10 yard to 13 m (14.22 yard)
  • Centre face-off X to wing line and goal line to men’s restraining line remain essentially the same but the measurement has been adjusted to metric.
  • Additional field length is added to the centre of the field between the 2 restraining lines and the additional width is added between the wing lines and the sidelines.

Alternative measurements for existing MEN’S facilities

World Lacrosse has developed a set of measurements for existing MEN’S fields. These are for the following size pitches: