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Balls – Cockerton – Hayes
World Lacrosse Development Program

Ron Balls, Stan Cockerton and Tom Hayes in front of the Olympic clock in Lausanne, Switzerland

Ron Balls, Stan Cockerton and Tom Hayes in front of the Olympic clock in Lausanne, Switzerland

World Lacrosse is pleased to present the Balls/Cockerton/Hayes (BCH) World Lacrosse Youth Development Program, named for Ron Balls, Stan Cockerton and Tom Hayes (on right).

BCH World Lacrosse Youth  Development Grants

The BCH World Lacrosse Youth  Development Grants will be primarily for Youth Development Programs covering the age range of 4 – 16 years old and at the discretion of the World Lacrosse Development Committee. The grants are available to World Lacrosse Members, Emerging Members and the World Lacrosse Development Committee, up to a maximum of $10,000 USD, based on the number of successful applications.

Applications May Be Submitted For:

  • New Start Programs
  • Enhancements to existing programs
  • Expansion of existing programs
  • Clinics
  • Intern placement
  • Equipment
  • Mentoring
  • Matching Grants (e.g. 50:50 with a partnering organization)
  • Development Committee Youth Camps
  • Multiple-year programs
  • Other

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Sustainability
  • Local capacity building
  • Matching funds
  • Full and complete proposal

Deadlines & Information


2018+ Submissions

Submissions may be made at any time however to allow for budgetary planning submission for the following year should be made by 31st October of the preceding year (e.g. for January 2018, application submitted by 31st October 2017).

Deadline for evaluation

Submission of the evaluation report is expected within 30 days of the completion of the approved program. (Evaluation Report Template below)


World Lacrosse Branding

It is expected that Clinics / Events etc. will display World Lacrosse branding, including BCH World Lacrosse Youth Development Program logo and World Lacrosse Logo.

Application Submission

Applications will be sent to the Development Committee Chair, who will consult with Committee Members, and make a recommendation to the World Lacrosse Director of Development. The intent will be to complete this within 21 days of receipt, accepting that the program may not be scheduled to commence for some time. The expectation is that grant approval will be communicated to the applicants by November 30th, funds to be awarded, in full or in part, the following year.

Application for Download

Download, complete and send to Rick Mercurio using the form below.


Development - Submit your application or report

Submit your grant application or program evaluation to Rick Mercurio and/or send a message to Rick Mercurio and/or Bob DeMarco.
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  • Upload your completed BCH Youth Development Program grant application or evaluation here.
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