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A Message from World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern

Message From World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern

The month of May will always hold special significance for World Lacrosse and its members, as it was during this month two years ago – May 6, 2019, to be exact – that our international federation introduced its new name, logo and brand identity.

The launch of the World Lacrosse brand was timed to coincide with SportAccord 2019, the largest annual gathering of leaders from across sport and business, and it helped usher in a new era for our international federation – an era characterized by accelerated growth, an expansion of benefits and services to our members, and greater visibility for lacrosse worldwide. It also caught the attention of our partners across international sport who, as with our membership, enthusiastically welcomed and embraced the new identity.

A brand launch is an important moment in time, as it often serves as a catalyst for renewed energy, inspiration and momentum. Certainly, this has been the case for World Lacrosse and our members as, despite the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global pandemic, we have continued to make meaningful progress during the past two years, as highlighted by:

  • Staging two World Championships with record participation, expanded global distribution and unprecedented broadcast reach (linear, digital)
    • 2019 World Lacrosse Women’s U19 World Championship (record 22 nations)
    • 2019 Men’s Indoor World Championship (record 20 nations)
  • Welcoming seven new member-National Governing Bodies (NGBs) bringing our membership to 69 countries (chronologically):
    • Ghana Lacrosse Association
    • Barbados Lacrosse
    • Lithuania Lacrosse
    • Panama Lacrosse
    • Dominican Republic Lacrosse
    • US Virgin Islands Lacrosse Association
    • South African Lacrosse Association
  • Introducing three new Commissions focused on expanding opportunities for participation in lacrosse while operating with the highest standards:
    • Women in Sport Commission
    • Diversity and Opportunity Commission
    • Ethics Commission
  • Modernizing and streamlining our governance structures through the Governance Working Group
  • Introducing a new process by which our World Championships are bid for and awarded
  • Continuing to expand our staff capabilities with appointments in Operations and Finance, Sport Development, Events and Digital/Social Media
  • Welcoming our first Full Member from the Continent of Africa, the Uganda Lacrosse Association, and our fourth member in Africa, the South African Lacrosse Association
  • Awarding more than $156,000 (USD) in Relief Grants to 21 member-NGBs to assist in maintaining their sport development programs and managing the disruption to operations as a result of the global pandemic
  • Awarding a record $267,750 (USD) in grant funding to 37 member-NGBs and Continental Federations to support the continued growth of lacrosse in their regions
  • Double-digit growth in followers across our digital/social and web platforms (supported in part by the launch of a new website)

These are just a few of the notable accomplishments we have achieved by working together, as a team, in a shared commitment to make certain the opportunity to participate in this wonderful game is available to any young person, anywhere in the world, who wishes to do so. Together, our World Lacrosse family remains united in the belief that sport has the unmatched power to change lives.

Next week, on May 18, we will celebrate yet another important milestone with yet another brand launch, as World Lacrosse introduces the name, logo and brand identity for the new 6 v 6 discipline. Already, well ahead of the brand launch, the new discipline is being embraced and adopted by member-NGBs all around the world, as a complement to the traditional field and box disciplines that are — and will remain — the foundation of our sport.

As we look ahead to the formal introduction of our new 6 v 6 discipline and brand, we do so with a renewed spirit of excitement and optimism for what lies ahead for lacrosse; with gratitude for the efforts of countless volunteers around the world who continue to make certain the door of opportunity remains wide open; and, for players, coaches and officials who are the heartbeat of our great game.

Thank you.

Sue Redfern


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