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Working Groups

Eligibility (2020-22)

Travis Gillespie, Chair (CAN)
Henry Ackom (GHA)
Mariano Flores Leyes (ARG)
Albert Lai (HKG)
Keith Nyberg (AUS)
Jan van Cauwenberge (BEL)
Fiona Clark, Ex-Officio (AUS)

Terms of Reference

COVID-19 (2020-22)

Karen Sutton, Chair (USA)
Rob McCutchan (USA)
Jim Scherr (USA)

Terms of Reference

Hall of Fame (2020-22)

Rick Mercurio, Chair (USA)
Fiona Clark (AUS)
Keith Nyberg (AUS)
Stephen Taylor (CAN)

Terms of Reference

Women’s Box Lacrosse (2020-22)

Michelle Bowyer, Chair (CAN)
Dana Dobbie (CAN)
Amber Hill (HAU)
Frantisek Klima (CZE)
Tale Solfjeld (NOR)
Rachel Vallarelli (USA)
Brian Witmer (CZE)

Terms of Reference