Welcome Message – Sue Redfern and Jim Scherr

Welcome to the launch of the new World Lacrosse website — the next milestone for our international federation as we continue to grow and expand the service, support and engagement offered to our membership and lacrosse enthusiasts around the world.

The launch of our new website is taking place on a date of great significance for World Lacrosse and our members: June 17, 2020 – exactly One Year To Go until the start of the 2021 World Lacrosse Men’s U20 World Championship in Limerick, Ireland.  For World Lacrosse, our membership and lacrosse players around the world, the One Year To Go date offers yet another reason to be optimistic and confident about our future, as we continue working together to ensure a safe return to sport while playing our collective role in combatting the global pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus.

The new World Lacrosse website, and overarching digital strategy, was developed by World Lacrosse in partnership with Skylab, a digital innovation agency based in Manchester, England.  Skylab has a strong pedigree in sport, having worked with teams and governing organizations such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Red Bull Racing, England Lacrosse, England Athletics, Swim England and the British Paralympic Association.

Building a website is similar to building a house, in that it is a project that is never truly finished – which means today’s launch is just the beginning.  Additions, changes and further improvements will continue to be made as we seek to provide our membership and lacrosse enthusiasts with engaging content and useful information.  We have exciting plans for subsequent phases of the website as part of our long-term digital media strategy.

A few key features we hope you will enjoy as you explore the new website:


–        An improved user experience with a fresh, responsive design, optimized across mobile, tablet and desktop devices

–        Improved navigation and content, having undergone a substantial audit and review of existing content and assets

–        A powerful Content Management Platform, which will allow World Lacrosse to rapidly adapt the website as and when required

–        Multisite technology, which will enable World Lacrosse to run multiple, targeted websites for key audiences such as Fans and Members


In addition to helping commemorate the One Year To Go date to Limerick 2021, the new website is being launched just 12 months since the introduction of our new World Lacrosse name and brand identity.  What a remarkable year it has been for World Lacrosse and our membership, as you’ll see in the list of highlights that accompanies our introduction.


For now, we hope you enjoy our new website and we wish you, your families and your teammates the very best as we continue working toward a safe return to sport.



Sue Redfern, President

Jim Scherr, Chief Executive Officer



 World Lacrosse Highlights – May 2019 to June 2020


May 2019 — SportAccord 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia

• Launch of the new World Lacrosse brand and identity system

• Greater presence than ever before for World Lacrosse at SportAccord, including a widely acclaimed booth in the exposition that offered a virtual reality introduction to lacrosse

• Participation by youth lacrosse teams in the Gold Coast Sports Festival

May 2019 — World Lacrosse announces the appointment of TJ Buchanan as Director of Sport Development. Buchanan will work closely with the Development Committee in designing and implementing strategies, tools and resources to further the growth of lacrosse worldwide.

June and July 2019 — For the first time ever, teams are able to qualify for the 2021 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship through their participation and placement in the Asia-Pacific Lacrosse Union (APLU) and European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) Championship structure.

July 2019 — World Lacrosse publishes its first-ever Annual Report.

August 2019 — The largest-ever World Lacrosse Women’s U19 World Championship is held in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

• 22 nations

• 9 nations competing in the Women’s U19 World Championship for the first time

• Kenya became the first team from the continent of Africa to compete in the event

• Most extensive broadcast distribution ever (digital and linear)

• USA gold, Canada silver, Australia bronze

September 2019 — The largest-ever World Lacrosse Men’s Indoor World Championship is held in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

• 20 nations

• 4 competing in the Men’s Indoor World Championship for the first time

• Most extensive broadcast distribution ever (digital and linear)

• Canada gold, Iroquois Nationals silver, USA bronze

November 2019 — The Pan-American Lacrosse Association hosts its first-ever Regional Qualifying Tournament in Auburndale, Florida, USA, with six teams competing for placement in the 2021 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship.

November 2019 — Presence for World Lacrosse at the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association Convention and President’s Cup.

• 6 v 6 Trial featuring Women’s Professional Lacrosse League All-Stars vs. Team USA

December 2019 — Participation by World Lacrosse in SportAccord Pan America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA — the first-ever regional edition of SportAccord.

December 2019 — To support our National Governing Bodies and Continental Federations in the continued development of the sport globally, World Lacrosse introduces its first-ever “Membership Toolkit” to provide members with the latest in resources and reference materials. The World Lacrosse Membership Toolkit is accessible through a password-protected portal on the World Lacrosse web site, at www.worldlacrosse.sport.

December 2019 — World Lacrosse announces the appointment of Lindsay Impett as Director of Events. She will work closely with Competition Director Fiona Clark and the Event Organizers for World Lacrosse Championships to deliver events that showcase international lacrosse while elevating the overall experience for athletes, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

January 2020 — First World Lacrosse Coach Developer Academy held in conjunction with LaxCon 2020.

January 2020 — Introduction of World Lacrosse Governance Working Group to continue modernizing and strengthening our governance structures.

January 2020 — Rob McCutchan is appointed as General Counsel for World Lacrosse.

February 2020 — World Lacrosse announces the appointment of Eric Parthen as Chief Operating Officer. Parthen will be responsible for leading operational areas such as finance, strategic planning, contract administration, information technology, antidoping administration and expanding engagement with World Lacrosse stakeholders.

March 2020 — World Lacrosse surpasses 10,000 followers on Twitter — an increase of more than 8,000 followers in just two years.

March 2020 — World Lacrosse and the Limerick Organizing Committee jointly announce that the Men’s U19 World Championship, originally scheduled for July 9-18, 2020 in Limerick, Ireland, will not be held in 2020. The potential health risks and uncertainty posed by the global pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus are simply too great to proceed with the event as originally scheduled.

April 2020 — World Lacrosse and the Limerick Organizing Committee jointly confirm that the World Lacrosse Men’s U19 World Championship is being rescheduled and will be held in 2021 in Limerick. Also, the event age eligibility will be raised to U20.

April 2020 — The World Lacrosse Board of Directors approves a revised operating budget for 2020, the key features of which include the following:

• For member-National Governing Bodies experiencing financial difficulties brought about by the global pandemic, World Lacrosse will consider requests to forgo the payment of membership dues in 2020, subject to review and approval by the Development Committee and Management;

• A voluntary reduction in staff compensation, along with reductions in travel, meetings and other business-related expenses;

• The creation of a new fund to provide grants to member-National Governing Bodies whose operations and/or sport development efforts have been significantly disrupted as a result of the global pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 virus. The process for submitting grant requests will be announced in the coming weeks, and requests will be reviewed and approved by the Development Committee and Management.

April 2020 — World Lacrosse welcomes its 66th member-National Governing Body, Panama. In the last 10 months alone, in addition to Panama, World Lacrosse has welcomed new member-National Governing Bodies from Ghana (August 2019), Barbados (December 2019) and Lithuania (December 2019), and upgraded the membership status of Hungary and Puerto Rico.

April 2020 — World Lacrosse and US Lacrosse jointly announce that a record 30 nations are confirmed to compete in the 2021 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship, July 7-17, 2021 in Towson, Maryland, USA.

May 2020 — World Lacrosse and the Limerick Organizing Committee jointly announce the new date and name for the World Championship that will be held in 2021 in Limerick, Ireland. The championship will be called the 2021 World Lacrosse Men’s U20 World Championship and the competition dates will be June 17-26, 2021 at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland.

May 2020 — World Lacrosse launches “I’m Still Here” — a video offering a message of hope and reassurance that when the time is right and it is safe to do so, the game is still here for us all.  In its first 24 hours, the video generated more than 10,000 views and became the most-watched segment of custom content ever produced by World Lacrosse.  In two weeks, total views were over 18,000.

June 2020 – World Lacrosse announces that its senior-level Men’s World Championship will be held in 2023 in Los Angeles, California

June 2020 – World Lacrosse launches a new website as Phase One in its long-term digital media strategy